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Ernest M. Harris, 1908

Rev. Thos. J. Watts, of New Liberty, was in the Hall Monday night.

Bro. W. S. Coakley has received a call from the church at Ghent.

Hebrew and Greek exercises are a weariness to the flesh these balmy days.

The Volunteer Band elected officers last Friday night. The new officers are: President, A. B. Langston, vice-president W. W. Barnes; secretary, Joseph Piani.

Dr. W. D. Powell, Kentucky's enthusiastic state mission secretary, was in the Hall last week and presented the cause of state missions.

Dr. W. H. Smith, of Virginia, and Dr. E. M. Poteat, of South Carolina, representing the trustees, spent the greater part of last week inspecting the work of the institution. We knew they were coming for the janitors had been busy for several days. We wish they would come every month.

The catalogue is in the hands of the printer. The courses have been arranged by quarters. The enrollment for the year is 276. North Carolina has more men to remain through the seminary year than any other state. Wake Forest, as usual leads all colleges in the number of representatives. Well does North Carolina deserve to be called "The Mother of Living Preachers". Wake Forest College is gloriously carrying out the purpose for which it was established.

The supplies for last Sunday were:
J. V. Turner, Highland Park (city);
A. V. Joyner, Cedar Creek;
A. S. Patterson, Indian Creek; W. C. McPherson, Salem, Ind.;
E. A. Cottrell, Winchester;
W. M. Hartin, City Alms House;
W. W. Barnes, Dallasburg;
L. W. Webb, Bryant’s Station.


[From The Baptist Argus, April 16, 1908, p. 8; via Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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