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The Church and the Kingdom
A New Testament Study

By Jesse B. Thomas, D. D., LL.D.

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CONTENTS PART I. THE STUDY OF ECCLESIOLOGY. PAGE I. Scope and Importance of the Study 11 II. Its Place in the Scheme of Christian Doctrine 14 III. Current Problems Indirectly Involved 22 PART II. MODERN NOTIONS OF THE CHURCH. Summary of Various Uses of the Term 43 PART III. FORMAL DEFINITIONS. I. The Imperial Theory 51 II. The Collegiate Theory 65 III. The Sacramental Theory 76 IV. The Hereditary Theory 96 V. The Voluntary Theory 123 PART IV. THE "HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH." I. The Apostles' Creed as a Basis of Unity 147 II. Historic Emergence of the Modern Idea of a World-church 165 III. Appeal to the New Testament in Defense of the Idea 167

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PART V. THE CHURCH OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. I. The Word "Ecclesia" in the New Testament 199 II. The Greek "Ecclesia" 210 III. New Testament use of "Ecclesia" and "Basileia" 220 PART VI. CONTEMPORARY SIGNIFICANCE. I. Importance of Distinction Urged 289 II. Bearing on some Tendencies of the Present Time 296 III. Practical Conclusions 310


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