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Seminary Notes, Louisville, KY
The Baptist newspaper, 1890
      The visit during last week of Dr. Alvah Hovey, president of Newton Theological Seminary, and Henry G. Weston, president of Crozier, was a rich treat to us all. Thursday morning Dr. Weston lectured to us on "The Gospel of Luke." He said he felt a little "shaky" about his theory since Dr. Broadus did not agree with him, and more than that, he could not find any body else that agreed with him. Friday morning Dr. Hovey lectured on "The Scope of Christian Ethics." This lecture was highly suggestive, but as every thing else Dr. Hovey handles, not at all exhausted.

- The Fifth Sunday meeting of Long Run Baptist Association was held yesterday at Walnut Street church. The meeting was not largely attended, but full of interest to those present.

- J. M. Wise, now of Corydon, paid us a flying visit last Tuesday. He is succeeding well in his now field, and says the people of Corydon have more religion to the square inch than any place he has ever seen.

- C M. Reed, a graduate of last year, was in our midst a few days last week.

- W. A. Whittle, whose lectures were enjoyed so much at your Convention at Humboldt, spent most of last week in Louisville.

- J. F. Williams, of Richmond, Ky., has been called to North Baptist church, Indianapolis, Indiana, and will accept.

- Dr. Sampey, professor of Hebrew, says the little stranger that came to his home a few days ago is a she-brew.

- Dr. H. M. Wharton will begin a meeting at McFerran Memorial Baptist church the second Sunday in January. It is proposed for all the Baptists to join Brother Wharton in a general meeting and stir all Louisville, if possible, like the meeting in Richmond last winter. It is hoped that Dr. Wharton will remain here two months at least, and the meeting to be moved from time to time in various parts of the city.

- Dr. Jeffries intends to complete his new church and dedicate it by the sixteenth of February.

- Several of the students are now sick, and some of them have malarial fever.

- Wednesday is missionary day with us.
     T. W. Young.
     Louisville, Ky.


[From The Baptist newspaper, January 2, 1890, p. 4. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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