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Letter from W. A. Jarrel
Baptist Author
Baptist and Reflector, 1900
      The Baptist and Reflector is much appreciated. Its well directed shots at the emissaries of the devil are telling for Christ and His blessed cause. The religious press is doing a work, like that of the preacher of the gospel, that is by many regarded mercenary, but that is as necessary to extend the work of the gospel as is the political paper to extend the work of any political party. Next to my Bible is the Baptist paper. The importance of the Baptist paper is so little appreciated that only "line upon line and precept upon precept" from pastors, deacons and other religions leaders can awaken our people to realize what a means of good they are not using to the extent they ought to use. As pleas for their patronage by their editors are so often, by the money loving, regarded as selfish and mercenary, our Baptist leaders should mainly push them into the hands of the people.

      Speaking of the devil, let me say: I have just got out the second thousand of my book on "The Origin, the Nature, the Kingdom, the Works and the Whereabouts of the Devil; How he works, How though not omnipresent he is omnipresent In his works; Why God permits him to work, the Millennium, both sides of the doctrine of Falling from Grace, the Personality, etc., of the devil." It is, with its illustrations from 25 pictures, a book of 160 pp. Its pictures, together with their Scripture lessons, make it so interesting to children that I have seen them so cry for the book that it was bought for them. It is commended by Drs. John A. Broadus, Kerfoot, Dargan and other eminent scholars.

      I am getting ready to get out a new edition of my Baptist Church Perpetuity (or Baptist Connected History), that such as Drs. John A. Broadus, B. H Carroll, Geo. C. Lorimer, R.S. McArthur, Henry C. Vedder, J. N. Hall and many others have pronounced the best work ever written in defense of what is called "Baptist Succession" - better, Baptist Perpetuity.

      Baptist affairs are encouraging. Dr. B. H. Carroll reports $100,000 raised within the past few mouths to relieve our college from debt, and to put Baylor University on better footing. So our mission work is doing well. Many revivals, but few pastoral changes.

W. A. Jarrel
Station A, Dallas, Texas.

[From Baptist and Reflector, January 4, 1900, page 4. CD edition from M/F. Document provided by Ben Stratton, Farmington, KY. - Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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