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Nineteen Documents

The Circular Letter, 1811
"Open or Mixed Communion"

Salem Association of Baptists
Held at Lick Creek, Nelson, County, KY

A Defence of Closed Communion
By Silas M. Noel
Franklin Baptist Association (KY)
Circular Letter, 1828

The Lord's Supper
By Jesse Mercer (GA), 1833

"Your Close Communion"
The Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1848

The Terms of Communion in the
Lord’s Supper: Scripturally Delineated

By Hezekiah Harvey, 1859

The Lord's Supper
By James A. Kirtley
Northbend Baptist Association (KY)
Circular Letter, 1859

The Communion Question Settled
By J. M. Pendleton, 1868

Terms of Communion
Circular Letter
Greenup Baptist Association, KY, 1869

How the Ordinances Should be Kept
J. M. Dawson
Owensboro, KY
Tennessee Baptist, 1870

The Lord's Supper, 1873
Circular Letter
Campbell County (KY) Baptist Association

Sketch of "Open Communion"
By J. M. Pendleton, 1889

History of Infant Communion
By J. A. Kimball, 1889

The Lord's Supper
By Wm. J. Simmons
The Negro Baptist Pulpit . . ., 1890

Close Communion
By Prof. R. M. Dudley, D.D., 1890
Georgetown (KY) College

Consistent Strict Communion and Inconsistent Loose Communion
By William Ashmore (1821-1898)

Why Close Communion And Not Open Communion
By O. L. Hailey, D.D., Editor
Arkansas Baptist newspaper, 1900

Close Communion
By Rev. A. S Pettie, D.D., 1910

The Lord's Supper - Close Communion
By Berlin Hisel, 1981

The Church Ordinances
By R. Charles Blair, 1988

Three Truths About the New Testament
Church from Acts 2:41-42

By Ben Stratton

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