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The following documents have been written or provided by Ben Stratton, a Leader in the J. H. Spencer Historcal Society.

Affects West Kentucky Baptists Today

By Ben Stratton
In Kentucky Today, 2022

H. Boyce Taylor
By Ben Stratton

Lord, do it again
Vision 1930 brought astonishing results for the Kingdom

By Ben Stratton
In Western Recorder

J. S. Coleman - War Horse of the Green River Country
By Ben Stratton, Pastor

A Tale of Two Baptist Preachers:
W.C. Buck, J.M. Pendletonand Slavery in Antebellum Kentucky

By Ben Stratton

Rev. Wendell H. Rone
"Mr. Kentucky Baptist"
By Ben Stratton, Pastor

C. D. Cole
By Ben Stratton

The Amazing Conversion of John Taylor
By Ben Stratton
In Western Recorder

Elder J.B. Moody
History of Kentucky,
Battle, Perrin, and Kniffin, 1885

James P. Boyce on Alien Baptism
From Dissertation of T. A. Patterson

Response to Error
By Ben Stratton

The Cause of Baptist Migration to Kentucky
By Ben Stratton
Western Recorder

Why Should Baptist Churches Keep
the "Baptist" Label in Their Names?

By Ben Stratton

The Great Commission - Matthew 28:18-20
By Ben Stratton

"The Accent of the Commission"
By George Ragland, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Lexington, KY
Document Provided by Ben Stratton

Baptist Baptism Before 1641
Dr. Joseph Angus - Oxford, England
Early President of Regent's Park (Baptist) College

Bible Conference at Calvary Baptist Church
Covington, KY
Clarence Walker Preaches - "The Trail of Blood"
Western Recorder, 1932

R. W. Mahan Obit
From Ben Stratton

Dr. M. E. Dodd Obit
Western Recorder, 1952

Baptists Are Drifting From the
New Testament Pattern in Doctrine and Polity

By J. V. Bottoms, Sr.
The American Baptist newspaper, 1978

Hometown History Day, October 6, 2012
Bethel College, Russellville, Kentucky

Clinton College "Ad", 1909
Clinton, KY

West Kentucky Baptist Association, 1897
From Hickman Courier

Dr. John T. Christian Dead
The Baptist Messenger, 1925

Letter from W. A. Jarrel
About Baptist Church Perpetuity
Baptist and Reflector newspaper, 1900

A. C. Dayton Gravesite
Perry, Georgia

Dr. David B. Ray Obit
Baptist Pastor and Author

Jonathan Gaines Bow
Baptist Pastor and Author

"John Clarke, Pioneer in American Medicine,
Democratic Ideals, and Champion of Religious Liberty"

By Louis Franklin Asher
Reviewed by Ben Stratton

W. H. McRidley — A Man of Vision
By Ben Stratton

Why Read Books By Baptist Authors
By Ben Stratton, 2022

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