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Hosius on the Anabaptists
By Stephen M. duBarry, 2009

The New Birth
By Menno Simons, about 1539

The Origin of the Anabaptist Churches
By John T. Christian, 1922

Anabaptists of the Continent and England
By William R. Williams, 1877

Who Are You?
By Leonard Verduin, 1976

Martyrs' Mirror on the Anabaptists
The Anatomy of a Hybrid
By Leonard Verduin, 1976

Martyrs Mirror: Remembering the Anabaptists
By Dr. Rex Butler, 2018

"The Origin of the Baptists"
By Israel Robords, Pastor
The First Baptist Church
New Haven, CT., 1838

"Baptists in History"
By W. P. Harvey, 1892

Historical Beliefs of the Baptists
By Carl Sadler, 1995

Isaac Backus on the Anabaptists
A History of New England, 1784

Anabaptists in Zurich
A History of the Christian Church
By Williston Walker, 1918

A History of the Anabaptists in Switzerland
By Henry S. Burrage, 1882
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