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The Baptism of Jesus
By Ron Crisp, 2012

A Narrative of Surprising Baptisms
By Ron Crisp
Only Baptists, to any extent, take interest in preserving and publishing records of Scriptural baptism. Here is an essay and more than fifty testimonies of Baptist baptisms.

Scriptural Baptism
By William Dudley Nowlin, 1922

A Scriptural Manual
or a Plain Representation of the Ordinance of Baptism

By Samuel Wilson, 1745

The Validity of Baptism Administered
By an Unbaptized Evangelist

Review of W. B. Johnson, D.D.
Southern Baptist Review and Eclectic, 1858

A Sermon on Baptism
To the Clear Creek Association, 1867
By Elder H. H. Richardson

A Sermon on Baptism
By Rev. M. W. Gilbert, A. M.
Pastor of the First Colored Baptist Church
Nashville, TN, 1890

A Defence of the Baptists; or the Baptism of Believers by
Immersion shewn to be the only Baptism of the Christian Dispensation

By George Gibbs
A Review
The Baptist Magazine, 1829

The Philadelphia Association on the Validity
of an Administrator in Baptism

Philadelphia Association Minutes

Valid and Invalid Baptism in Kentucky
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists
Vol. II, 1886

Baptism and the Lord's Supper

Woodstock Baptist Association (VT), 1807

Valid and Invalid Baptism

Georgia Association of Baptists
By Jesse Mercer, 1811

"Baptism - Its Practical Uses"

The Eastern Baptist Association of California and Oregon, 1883
Elder J. D. Bonner

The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881
William Cathcart, Editor

Why The Baptists Do Not Baptize Infants
By Rev. H. E. Hatcher, D. D.
Richmond, Virginia, 1880

Baptism - A Figure
Ashland Avenue Baptist (KY), 1968
By Rosco Brong

Buried With Him in Baptism
Christ's Church and Baptism
By Rosco Brong

Southern Baptists and Alien Immersion in 1915
By W. P. Throgmorton

Valid and Invalid Baptism in Kentucky
Spencer's A History Of Kentucky Baptists, Vol. II, 1886

Does Baptism Admit To Membership In A Gospel Church?
By Samuel H. Ford, 1899

By Rev. M. W. Gilbert, A. M.
Pastor of the First Colored Baptist Church, Nashville, TN
The Negro Baptist Pulpit: A Collection of Sermons, 1890

Kentucky Baptists, The Seminary, and “Alien Immersion”
By W. J. McGlothlin, D.D., 1908

Dr. Mullins Replies to False Charges -
The Seminary and Alien Immersion

The Baptist World, 1908

The SBT Seminary and "Alien Immersion"
Biblical Recorder, 1908

James P. Boyce and John A. Broadus on Alien Baptism
By T. T. Eaton, 1903

Alien Baptism in the SBC in 1915
By W. P. Throgmorton

Alien Immersions
By John T. Christian, 1926

Dr. A. M. Poindexter on Pedobaptist Immersions
The Christian Respository, 1879

Infant Baptism
There are several essays

The History of Baptism
By Robert Robinson, 1817
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A Review of The History of Baptism
By Robert Robinson
Edited by David Benedict, A.M.
The American Baptist Magazine
and Missionary Intelligencer
, 1818

Wayne E. Ward on Baptist Baptism
Baptist Record, 1967

Baptism in its Mode and Subjects
By Alexander Carson, LL.D., 1860

Alien Baptism and the Baptists
By William M. Nevins
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