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Mill Creek Baptist Church
Constitution, 1797

Davidson County, TN
Transcribed by Stephen duBarry

James Whitsitt's Deed to the Mill Creek Baptist Church
By Stephen duBarry, Olmstead, KY

Western District Baptist Association (TN), 1823
Articles of Faith

Forked Deer Baptist Association (TN), 1825
Articles of Faith

The Baptist Newspaper
Introduction to the First Edition
Nashville, Tennessee, January, 1835
R. B. C. Howell, Editor

Ordination at Spring Hill, TN
Lemuel Hall Bethel
The Baptist, 1835

Cumberland Baptist Association (TN), 1836
By R. B. C. Howell
The Baptist newspaper

A Query on Church Discipline
Shoal Creek Baptist Association (TN)

From The Baptist newspaper, 1836

Big Hatchee Baptist Association (TN), 1838
The Baptist newspaper

A Study of the Antecedents of Landmarkism In Tennessee
By Leroy B. Hogue

Nashville Baptist Church
By R. B. C. Howell, 1838

History of First (Black) Baptist Church, Capitol Hill
Nashville, Tennessee, 1865-2017

Tennessee Anti-Mission Controversy
An Essay by James Whitsitt & R. B. C Howell, 1838

Missions and Anti-Missions in Tennessee
By Rev. Dr. R. B. C. Howell
The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Record, 1845

Mossy Creek Baptist Seminary
The Tennessee Baptist, 1854

Ministers’ and Deacons’ Meeting
Concord (TN) Baptist Association Minutes
Nineteen brethren were appointed to write essays, 1859

Baptist Churches In Memphis
By James M. Pendleton
The Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1859

The Civil War and the Tennessee Baptist Newspaper
An Announcement in the Florence [AL] Gazette, 1862

Spruce Street Baptist Church
Nashville, Tennessee
"Mother Church" of Afro-American Churches
Historical Highlights

Why The Baptist Let A Methodist Preach In His Pulpit
The Baptist newspaper, 1867

East Tennessee News and Notes
The Baptist newspaper, 1871

Big Hatchie Baptist Association (TN), 1893
Baptist and Reflector newspaper

Buffalo Ridge [TN] Baptist Church
By Dave Tabler

Baptist News Around Tennessee
Baptist and Reflector January 1900

First Baptist Church, Memphis, TN
New Year's Sermon - 1873

By Eld. G. A. Lofton, Pastor
The Baptist, newspaper

Tennessee Baptists: Missionaries and other Leaders
Baptist and Reflector, 1900

J. R. G. Edition
Union University (TN) Bulletin, 1930

Fatherland Baptist Church History
Nashville, Tennessee
By W. W. Miles

The First Baptist Church of Mountian City
Johnson County, TN

The Early Baptists of Tennessee
By Albert W. Newman, 1894

“The History of the Baptists of Tennessee”
Early Baptists in Tennessee
By Lawrence Edwards, 1941

Baptist News from Nashville
Baptist and Reflector, 1899

News from the Tennessee Baptist Churches
Baptist and Reflector newspaper, January, 1900

The Chilhowie Baptist Association
Baptist and Reflector newspaper, 1900

Early History of the First Baptist Church
Nashville, Tennessee

First Baptist Church
Clarksville, Tennessee
By M. V. Ingram, 1898

Reminiscences of Hickman Creek Baptist Church
Its Preachers and Instrumental Music

Christian Repository, 1860

The Tennessee Baptist newspaper
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Early Baptists in Knoxville, Tennessee
By William Rule & G. F. Mellon & John Wooldridge, 1900

Southwest Baptist University Commmencement
Baptist and Reflector, 1900

Indian Creek (TN) Association History
Baptist and Reflector, 1900

Early Baptists of Sullivan County, TN
By Oliver Taylor, 1909

The Baptist Cause in Middle Tennessee
[Six Essays]
By Adam Penn / Mr. Ford 1848-49

Duck River Baptist Association

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Hall-Moody Institute
By Pamela R. Dennis
Tennessee Baptist History, 2009
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History of Middle Tennessee Baptists . . .
J. H. Grime, 1920
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