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The Baptist, 1867
      "Rumor: Bro. J.H. Borum, who for many years has been a leading old landmarker in West Tennessee, invited a Mr. McCullough, a Methodist, to preach in his pulpit to his congregation last Sabbath. The whole Methodist society was out, and the prospect is for a union of the Baptists and Methodists at Harmony Baptist church.

      Well, all we can say is, if Bro. Borum has laid down his arms and gone over to the enemy, or basely betrayed his church into the hands of the foe — the truth has not lost its Savior. He is still its friend but it has lost a warm and strong friend. But there must be a mistake about this — some modifying circumstances. We cannot and will not believe it of Bro. Borum, yet; though we have lately heard this of two brethren in West Tennessee that we thought men of inflexible principle. They have yielded to feeling and injured the cause.

      August 20 — Later from Harmony! The Rumor Confirmed and and the Modifying Circumstances Given. The brother of Bro. Borum stepped into the office to inform us that his brother had just closed a fine meeting at Harmony last Sabbath night, at which there were a large number of professions and baptism. That it is true that Mr. McCullough, Methodist, did preach in the Harmony pulpit, but he invited all his Methodist brethren, far and near to be present, AS HE WISHED TO GIVE THEM HIS REASONS FOR BECOMING A BAPTIST! - after which he was baptized as a disciple and follower, no longer of Wesley, but of Christ. God be praised! We have no more to say. "Still they come!" - J.R. Graves.


[From The Baptist newspaper, August 24, 1867. Document provided by Ben Stratton; formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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