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The Tennessee Baptist newspaper
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

      The Tennessee Baptist - This paper, first called The Baptist, came into existence at Nashville, Tenn., at some time between the years 1830 and 1835. Rev. R. B. C. Howell, D.D., was its first editor. For some years its circulation was quite limited, and when it came under the editorial supervision of Rev. J. R. Graves, in 1844, its list of subscribers numbered only 1005. For a time the increase was slow but steady. The name was changed to The Tennessee Baptist, and in the course of a few years it became the pronounced advocate of what has since been termed "Old-Landmarkism." Its circulation rapidly increased, and its editor became very influential. On May 15, 1858, its editors were announced as follows: J. R. Graves, J. M. Pendleton, and A. C. Dayton. The two brethren last named had been for some years special contributors. The increase in the number of subscribers was constant and rapid, so that at the beginning of the war its circulation was said to have been larger than that of any Baptist paper in the world. The publication of the paper was suspended during the war, but was renewed after the return of peace. The place of publication was

[p. 1141]
changed from Nashville to Memphis. The name of the State was dropped from the title, and it has appeared since as The Baptist, a quarto of sixteen pages. Dr. Graves has been since the war its sole editor, and he wields now (1881) as able a pen as at any period of his eventful life, and his paper is a power in a large section of our country.

[From William Cathcart, editor, The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881; reprinted, 1988, pp. 1141-2. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall]

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