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      The following is from the Concord (TN) Baptist Association Minutes. It was very unusual for essays to be assigned as these are. There are nineteen subjects assigned. - jd
Ministers’ and Deacons[’] Meeting.
Tennessee Baptist newspaper, February, 1859

      The next sessions of the Ministers and Deacons, within the bounds of Concord Association, will convene with the Church at Mill Creek, Friday the 27th day of May Inst. The following brethren were appointed to write essays for criticism, as specified below:

      Elder John Bond, History of Concord Association.

      Elder J. M. Pendleton, The Distinctive Peculiarities of the Baptists

      Elder J. R. Graves, What is the Sin of Unbelief?

      Elder D. H. Selp, In What Does Christian Obedience consist?

      Elder J. J. Martin, What is the Nature of that Unity for which Christ prayed?

      Elder R. L. Ford, The Importance of Building up Churches in our large Cities.

      Elder W. A. Whitsitt, Should a Minister be a pastor of more than one Church at the same time?

      Elder B. D. S-mpke---, [?-blur] Is the general conduct of Church members of the present day in accordance with the Bible?

      Elder A. C. Dayton, Denominational teachings of the schools?

      Elder J. M. D. Ca--- [blur], Is it the duty of the church to meet every Lord’s day?

      Elder Jas. Groer, The means of ministerial usefulness.

      Elder Lewis Lindsay, Advantages of Theological Discourse [? - Last word blurred some]

      Elder T. M. Hughes, Sunday Schools

      Deacon H. D. Carver, Duties of deacons

      Deacon B. F. Jones, Pastoral support.

      Deacon Milton Taylor, John’s baptism.

      Deacon John M. King, The unpardonable sin.

      Deacon H. G. Scovel, Sunday School literature.

      Deacon W. D. Baker, Apostacy.

      It is hoped all who have had subjects selected for them will be fully prepared with essays and none be offering an apology for neglect of duty.
          H. B. Brub--er [blur], Recording Secretary


[From The Tennessee Baptist newspaper, February 12, 1959, microfilm copy on CD. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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