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Mill Creek Baptist Church
Davidson County, Tennessee, 1797

     Editor's note: The following document was transcribed by Stephen duBarry, Olmstead, Kentucky, from the original Churchbook which is located at the Tennessee Historical Society Library. It is used with his permission. - Jim Duvall.]
Title page:

"A Book containing the
Conferrence business of
the Baptist Church under
the care of James Whitsitt, on
Mill Creak Davidson County"

Following the title page, the church's constitution is recorded as:

"At a General Church meeting of [the?] body of Baptists on Mill Creak
at James Menees's Davidson County, Saturday Apr. the 15th 1797,
This Church was constituted the members whereof giving themselves
each to other in the Lord, to watch over and perform each relative duty
to keep up and maintain a regular Gospel government, to keep the
ordinances as delivered by our Lord and his Apostles to maintain the
truths of the Gospel Viz. --- The fall of Man in his first parent as a
federal head and representative of his seed. --- The condemned State
of his person in consequences of the fall --- His utter Inability either to
will or do any thing that is Spiritually Good --- Of the mediation of
Jesus Christ as the Second Adam, that it is the sole meritorious
cause of the effectual calling Justifying and Sanctifying all that is
made meet for Glory. --- that Baptism is to be administered by
Immersion and to none but penitent believers by profession. --- That
the Lords Supper is also to be administered to orderly Christians only.
--- The perseverance of the Saints in Grace is by the Intercession of
Jesus Christ. --- that it is not the duty of the church to bind the
consciences of the weak, but to receive the weak with the Strong and
to keep up and do whatsoever is agreeable to sound doctrine, The
Same being publickly declared in presence of

[Vis'g - Visiting?] Brethren

Nathan Arnet
John Coughran
David Erwin"


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