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Indian Creek (TN) Association History
Baptist and Reflector, 1900
      Having been requested by the Young People's Union to prepare a brief history of Indian Creek Assoclatlon from its beginning in 1835 to the present for its next meeting in April, I came across the following report of a committee made at its 20th session held with Philadelphia Baptist Church in 1864, which I thought would be of interest to the friends of our dear Bro. J. R. Graves, deceased.

      REPORT OF COMMIITEE. "We your committee to whom was referred the course pursued by J. R. Graves, editor of The Tennessee Baptist, in a recent diacusston with Alexander Campbell ou the subject of baptismal regeneration, beg leave to report as follows:

      "Resolved, That we believe that Alexander Campbell has taught and widely circulated through The Christian Baptist and other papers edited by him the doctrine of baptismal regeneration; therefore

      "Resolved, That we hold such doctrine as taught by A. Campbell in utter detestation, believing it to be unscriptural, irrellglous, God-dishonoring and soul destroying; and

      "Whereas Alexander Campbell has recently published that The Tennessee Baptist is not an exponent of Baptist princlples, and that there are many Baptists who agree with him in doctrine;

      "Reaolved, therefore, That we believe there are no such Baptists in Indian Creek Association, and that we regard The Tennessee Bapttist as the best exponent of our principles of any paper in the United States, and that we regard J. R. Graves as a zealous, bold and able defender of Bible and Baptist principles. Go on, Bro. Graves, we are with you, and pray the God of grace be with you until error shall hide its deformity and pure and unsullied truth shall prevail throughout the world. WM. STANFIElD, Ch'm."

      The writer remembers Bro. Stanfleld as an old gray-headed minister when he was quite a boy. The foregoing sentiments would receive the hearty approval of our Association today.
           Sorby, Tenn. A. O. MONTAGUE.


[From Baptist and Reflector, 1900. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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