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James Whitsitt's Deed to the Mill Creek Baptist Church
By Stephen duBarry, Olmstead, KY
      Another document that sheds light on the doctrine of Bro. James Whitsitt and Mill Creek BC is his deed to the church of land in use by the church. I have a transcription of it from a book published by Friends of Mill Creek Baptist Church Cemetery:

"March 18th, 1806

I James Whitsitt of the County of Davidson for and in consideration of the Goodwill I have for the prosperity and Well being of the Baptist Church of Christ on Mill Creek Holding the Doctrines of unconditional Election Justification by the Imputed Righteousness of Christ. The final perseverance of the Saints in Grace that the Joys of the Righteous and Punishment of the Wicked are Equal in the Duration, that Penitent believers are the only Scriptural Subjects for Baptism and that Immersion in water is the mode and that no Person have a right to Commune at the Lords Table before they are Babtized, Do for myself My heirs and assigns give grant and convey to the Above named Church two Acres of ground Including the Meeting House and Burrying ground and Spring for to be a seat for a Meeting House for Religious Worship & to be there Proper Right for the Purpose Above named forever to them and their Successors. Beginning at an Elm Willer Oak and walnut on the North West of the Meeting House easing South Seventeen poles to a Stake thence East Nineteen poles to a Spanish Oak thence North Seventeen poles to a Double Ash and Elm thence to the Beginning. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 14th day of July 1804.

James Whitsitt

Witness: Thomas Dillahunty, John Blackman, Robert C. Foster

The Execution of which Deed of Conveyance as Above Recited was in Court held for the County of Davidson January Sessions 1806. Acknowledged by the said James Whitsitt to be his Act and Deed for the uses and Purposes therein Contained.

Test. Andrew Ewing Clerk of Davidson County"

Source: Davidson County Deed Book F, page 315.


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