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Big Hatchie Baptist Association (TN)
Baptist and Reflector, 1893
      The Big Hatchie Baptist Association met with the Woodland Church, ten miles east of Brownsville, in Haywood County, Tenn., Thursday, 20th July inst. At 10 o'clock a. m. the delegates present effected a temporary organization by the election of Dr. W. L. Slack of Memphis moderator and Rev. I. P. Trotter of Brownsville clerk.

      After the temporary organization Prof. Carey A. Folk was unanimously elected permanent moderator, but because of his absence, he not having yet arrived, the election was declared null and void, and Judge J. H. Estes of Haywood County was elected permanent moderator and Rev. I. P. Trotter permanent clerk. William Thomas of Brownsville was elected treasurer.

      The Association continued in session three days, and much business was satisfactorily dispatched.

      The treasurer's report, made at the close of the second day, showed nineteen churches represented and contributions: For Foreign Missions, $405.33; for State Missions, $603.88; for Home Missions, $329.49; for Orphans' Home, $l60; for Ministerial Education, $155.25; for Ministerial Relief, printing minutes, etc., $126.45; Total, $1,843.40.

      Rev. R. L. Bowman of Ripley preached the introductory sermon.

      Dr. G. A. Nunnally, delegate from the Central Church, Memphis, at 11 a. m. the second day preached a most tender and pathetic sermon on the Fatherhood of God.

      Rev. O. L. Hailey preached Friday night and Rev. W. L. Brown, of Mount Moriah, preached Saturday evening.

      There were many noble women, fellow-helpers in the gospel, present. Notably there were four of them, delegates from the Central Baptist Church, Memphis, whom Dr. Nunally, their pastor, counted as seven, in this way: Mrs. P. M. Stanley, Mrs. N. A. Reed, and Mrs. S. J. Bolton, three; and Mrs. F. G. Jobe, four, and four and three are seven.

      On Thursday the women held a meeting in the school-house adjacent to the church. The meeting was presided over by Mrs. H. B. Folk of Brownsville, and addressed by Prof. H. C. Irby of Jackson, whilst two of the Memphis ladies read interesting papers. The Association resolved to incorporate in its minutes the proceedings of the woman's meeting.

      The Association adjourned on Saturday at noon to meet in 1894 with the Baptist Church at Brighton, in Tipton County, Thursday before the 4th Sunday in July.

      The moderator dispatched the business through on schedule time with ease and promptitude.

      The hospitality of the good people around Woodland Baptist Church, of all denominations, was most generous. An abundant "dinner on the ground" for all present was freely furnished three days in succession.

      The weather was most delightful and the situation beautiful to behold.

      Rev. J. H. Anderson was present from first to last, and made a rousing speech to the report on State Missions.

      This scribe spoke to the report on publications, in which the Baptist and Reflector was endorsed and recommended, as did also Dr. G. A. Nunnally, in which he was pleased to say that, of all the religious papers he read the Baptist and Reflector was the best. Many new subscribers were secured and many renewals taken.

      This is the third time since 1879 that the Big Hatchie Association has been held at Woodland Church.

      Our home was at the residence of Sister Nicholson, that elect lady of most generous hospitality. Her house has been the welcome home for Baptists for more than half a century, and her entertainments have been unstinted. She is now in her 86th year, and though feeble she is able to be About, and to welcome her guests. She was assisted by her devoted daughters, Mrs. Yancey and Mrs. Norvell. Ten or a dozen guests received hearty welcome at their hands.

      The last time Big Hatchie Association met with Woodland Church, in 1886, the now sainted Dr. J. R. Graves was Moderator. Rev. J. P. Kincaid, now of Flemingsburg, Ky., was then the pastor of Woodland Church. Rev R. P. Mahon. their late pastor, who resigned to take the pastorate of Humboldt Baptist Church, was present and made an excellent speech to the report on Foreign Missions.
           H. B. F.

[From Baptist and Reflector July 27, 1893; via CD edition. Formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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