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The First Fifty Baptist Churches In Kentucky
By Mickey Winter, 2016
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      Editor's note: The following is a description of the first sermon preached on Kentucky soil. It was by a Baptist frontier preacher. - Jim Duvall

     "On a bright Sunday morning, April, 1776, the sound of horn called the little settlement of Harrodstown together. The whole population of Kentucky did not amount to one hundred, and as yet but ten women had ventured into the wilderness. Beneath a wide expanding elm tree little groups were collected. Dressed in their hunting shirts, leggins and moccasins they were seated or stretched upon the grass, silently watching the movements of two strangers who sat near the tree. Soon arose the younger of the two. He lifted his voice in earnest prayer, and then reading from the book of God, 'Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his,' proclaimed the glorious gospel of the blessed God. When he closed the other took up the theme." - (Samuel H. Ford)

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[There are histories from 46 counties in Kentucky.]

The Spencer Journal
The Journal of the J. H. Spencer Historical Society
Volumes I, II, III and IV

A History of Kentucky Baptists, Volume I
By J. H. Spencer, 1885
A History of Kentucky Baptists, Volume II
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

A History of Kentucky Baptists
By Frank M. Masters, 1953

Kentucky Baptist History - 1770-1922
By William D. Nowlin, D.D., 1922

History of the Kentucky Baptists
The Christian Repository, 1856-58
A series by Samuel Howard Ford

Kentucky Baptists
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Historical Sketch of the Baptist Church
A History of Kentucky, 1872
By William N. Allen

History of Early Kentucky Baptists
By Albert M. Newman, 1894

The Early Baptists of Northern Kentucky
Delivered at the Northern Kentucky Regional History Day, 1994
At Northern Kentucky University
By Jim Duvall

Early Preachers of Kentucky
By James E. Welch, MO
The Christian Repository, 1856

A History of Kentucky Baptists
By John T. Christian, 1926

A History of Ten Baptist Churches
By John Taylor, 1823

"The Boone Family and Kentucky Baptists"
By Leo T. Crismon
Kentucky Baptist Historical Society, 1946

The First Kentucky Baptist Convention, 1832
By Frank Masters

History of the Churches of Boone's Creek
Baptist Association of Kentucky

By S. J. Conkwright, 1923

Seasons of Revival in Kentucky, 1800-1840
By Roy Fish

History of the Elkhorn Baptist Association
1785-1885 - Written in serial form by
Basil Manly, Jr., R. M. Dudley and J. E. Farnam

Elkhorn Baptist Association Documents
A Collection of this Association's Documents

Kentucky Baptists
The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Chronicle
By J. M. Peck, 1842

The Condition of the Baptist Cause in Kentucky in 1837
Jubilee Volume, General Association of Baptists
By James A Pendleton, 1887

The Early Baptist Churches of Kentucky
Jubilee Volume, General Association of Baptists
By William M. Pratt, 1887

Baptists in Kentucky
By David Benedict, 1813

Early Customs of Kentucky Baptists -
The Character of their Preaching

A History of Kentucky Baptists
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

The Travelling Church
By George W. Ranck, 1891

From the Western Recorder
Kentucky's Baptist Newspaper
In the Year of 1924

The Voice Newsletter (1933-1937)
Roy O. Beaman, editor
West Kentucky Bible School
Murray, Kentucky

A History Of The Muhlenberg County (KY) Baptist Association
"Historical Background"
By William L. Winebarger

Muhlenberg County (KY) Baptist Association
Histories of the Local Churches, 1966

Early African-American Baptists in Kentucky
J. H. Spencer, 1885

Slavery Issues in the Kentucky Baptist Churches
Facts Posted from Different Documents
By James R. Duvall

Early Records of the Elkhorn Baptist Association
By Samuel H. Ford

Early History of the Elkhorn Baptist
Association (1785-1880)

Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists

Early History of the Northbend Baptist Association
There are eight histories

History of the Boone's Creek
Baptist Association, 1823-1923

By S. J. Conkwright

Boone's Creek Association
A Report, 1898
The Baptist Argus newspaper

Early History of the Bracken Baptist Association
There are three histories.

Tates Creek Baptist Association (KY) Documents
There are two Documents

Early History of the Long Run Baptist
Association (1803-1880)

Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists

Early History of the Salem Baptist
Association (1803-1880)

Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists

The Origin of the Licking Baptist Association
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists

Twin Creek Baptist Association
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists, 1885

The Elkhorn and Licking Associations
Reconciliation Meeting, 1826

Minutes of the Nolynn Association of Separate Baptists
Two years of the Minutes discussing uniting with other Baptist associations.

Kentucky Correspondence
The Baptist newspaper, 1867

West Union Baptist Association (KY), 1867
By J. R. Graves

Early Baptist Education
Institutions in Kentucky

Baptist Education in Kentucky's Jackson Purchase
By R. Charles Blair

West Kentucky Assembly
Western Recorder, 1923

Report on Religious Literature
West Kentucky Baptist Association, 1912

Subscribers' Names from Kentucky for
The History of Baptism

By Robert Robinson, 1790 - London
[Edited by David Benedict, 1817]

Subscribers' Names from Northern Kentucky for
A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America,
and other parts of the World,

By David Benedict, 1813

Baptists, Notice!
Boone County Recorder, 1876
A Plea for Replacement of Burned Baptist Records

"The New Editor of the Western Recorder"
By R. G. Baucom
Winnsboro, Texas
Western Recorder August 6, 1942

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The Emergence of the Stone-Campbell Movement Amongst
the Baptist Churches of Kentucky in the 1820s

By Rodrick Durst

Rockcastle County (KY) Baptist Association Meetings - 1871-1899

Kentucky Baptist Publication Society
W. J. McGlothlin, Editor, No. 1, 1910
I. Sketch of the Life and Times of William Hickman, Sr., by W. P Harvey, D. D.
II. Subscription Paper of South Elkhorn Baptist Church, 1798.
III. A History of the Western Baptist Theological Institute of Covington, Ky.,
by W. C. James, Th. D.

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