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THE Kentucky and Foreign Bible Society
(Meeting with the Baptist Church, at Glasgow, KY, 1852)

      1n consequence of the embarrassed condition of the funds of the General Association, (which was occasioned by not having a general agent last year,) it was thought best, on the part of the board, that I should make the objects of said association constitute the greater part of my labors during the present year. Hence, my labors, relative to the Bible cause, have consisted principally in making collections from the life members obtained by Elder A. MACLAY in A. D. 1848-'9, from those obtained by Elder ISAAC NILES in 1850, and those obtained by myself in 1851. Consequently the amount of new subscription obtained this year, for the Bible cause, is compatively small, while the collections otherwise obtained have been much larger than usual. And in view of the great interest manifested throughout the state, by our brethren, upon the subject of the revision of the English Scriptures, we have reason to believe that we will have an annual increase of funds for the Bible cause in Kentucky.

      1t is not strange, therefore, that our brethren seem to be impressed with the idea that God has designed that the Bible, yea, the whole Bible, should be given to the nations of the earth, so that they may read in their own vernacular all the word of life, and rejoice in hope of a blessed immortality beyond the grave. And I am happy in the reflection that the Baptists of Kentucky, during the past year, have given evidence of the fact that they are willing to contribute their part in giving the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, to all the nations and families under heaven.

      Thus we are brought to the conclusion that the Bible cause has a place in the affections of our people; consequently will be amply sustained by their prayers and their contributions.


[From J. M. Pendleton, Moderator, The Kentucky Baptist Ministers' Meeting; V. E. Kirtley, "Annual Report of the General Agent", 1852, p. 16. Via The Boyce Digital Repository, SBTS; Adam Winters, Archivist. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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