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Constitution of the General Association
of Colored Baptists in Kentucky.
Lexington, KY, 1869

      Whereas through the loving and tender mercies of our Heavenly Father, we are privileged to meet in Association, and whereas an opportunity has presented itself to us to devise means for the intellectual, moral and religious culture of our race; therefore we adopt the following Constution:


      The Association shall be known as "The Kentucky General Association of Colored Baptists Churches." The object of this Association shall be purity of doctrine, union fellowship and cooperation in promoting sabbath schools and missionary operations, and advancing the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ, throughout the entire State by meeting annualy for mutual and religious council.


      All regular Missionary Colored Baptists Churches shall be entitled to membership in this Association. Each church composing the Association, shall be represented at each annual meeting by messengers, and a letter setting forth the spiritual condition of the Church and the extent of its benevolent and missionary operations.


      Each messenger, before taking his seat in the Association, shall give satisfactory evidence to the Association of his appointment by the Church which he represents.


      The Officers of this Association shall be a Modrator, Recording and Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer, to be elected annually by ballot or otherwise, and their duties to be common to the offices as in similar Association.


      The annual meeting is to be held at such time and place as the Association may appoint.


      This Association shall appoint an Executive Board of thirteen members who shall manage the business of the Association, and particularly to superintend the educational and missionary interests of the Association, when it is not in session, the Executive Board shall have power to fill vacancies in is own body, between the meetings of the Association.


      The Treasurer shall hold the funds of the Association and shall pay them out when ordered by the Board, and the Board's orders shall be his vouchers also, said Treasurer shall be required to give sufficient bond and security for the safe keeping of all money committed to his care. The executive Board are required to present a full report of all moneys received and expended, to every annual meeting.


      Any District Association of Regular Colored Baptist Churches of the State, may be represented in the General Association by sending messengers and letters, at the same time contributing in proportion to their ability for missionary and educational purposes; also any church numbering six hundred members, is entitled to four delegates, and under six hundred two delegates.


      Each Association shall be entitled to five Messengers, the membership not exceeding 2500, and for everry 500 over 2500 an additional messenger.


      Any member of a regulare Baptist Church, may be entitled to a life membership by paying the sum of Twenty Dollars.


      The Constitution may be altered or amended at any annual meeting of the Association by a vote of two-thirds of the members present.


[From the Minutes of the First General Assembly of the Colored Baptists in Kentucky, Held in the First Baptist Church, Lexington, Kentucky, August 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, 1869; via Archives, SBTS, Adam Winters, Archivist. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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