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      The statistics of membership of the Baptists in their six Associations at the close of the eighteenth century, and in the year 1802:
(During the Great Revival)

			 1800					 1802
Elkhorn 		1,663			Elkhorn         5,310
Bracken		          539		        Bracken           753
Green River		  400			Green River       800
Tate's Creek		  600			Tate's Creek    1,802
South Kentucky	        1,000		        South Kentucky  2,383
Salem			  564			Salem		2,521 
                                          _____                                                          ______
Total                   4,766                                  13,569

     Showing a gain in two years of 8,803; and instead of disunion, and discord, and heresy; peace, and strength, and efficiency, were added or developed. It could not, however, be expected but that amid the scenes, some extravagancies, and some evil results would occur among the Baptists.


[From S. H. Ford, History of Kentucky Baptists, in The Christian Repository magazine, chapter ix, December, 1856, p. 331f. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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