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The Licking / Elkhorn Associations Reconciliation Meeting - 1826
From the Minutes of the Licking Particular Baptist Association
Held at Town Fork Meetinghouse,
Fayette County, KY
September 9, 1826
[p. 4]
The committee appointed to meet at Town Fork reported, that they had met according to appointment, and for the result of their deliberations refer you to the proceedings had on the subject of reference, and the Committees from Licking, Elkhorn, Long Run and Franklin Associations, for the purpose of endeavouring to bring about a union and correspondence between Licking and Elkhorn Associations: --

Present from Licking, Lewis Corbin, Wm. Payne, Wm. Rash, Thos. P. Dudley, and Jas. Dudley, -- Elkhorn, Thos. Bullock, B. S. Chambers, P. Higbee and John T. Johnson, -- Long Run, George Waller, Zacheus Carpenter, and Francis Davis, -- Franklin, John Taylor, Theodorick Boulware and Benjamin Taylor.

Proceeded to the object of the meeting in the following manner, viz: George Waller, Moderator, and Benjamin Taylor, Clerk. When the following propositions were submitted by the Licking Committee, as the terms upon which they will agree to a correspondence: --

If the Elkhorn Association, will acknowledge that her act in receiving the minorities so called as the churches at Bryan's and Dry Run, was improper, and will drop from her correspondence, the minority at Bryan's (that at Dry Run having been restored by the Church) in that event the Licking Committee will ask no more on this point.

The first proposition being acceded to; the Licking Committee will agree to a correspondence with the Elkhorn Association upon
[p. 5]
the inviolate maintenance of the doctrine of Grace as revealed in the Bible, and set forth in the Philadelphia Baptist confession of Faith, (the constitution of each Association) with the distinct understanding that each association will protest against any and every departure therefrom.

After some discussion, agreed to ajdourn to to-morrow morning 9 o'clock.

Friday morning 9 o'clock met pursuant to adjournment and after prayer proceeded.

1st. The Committee from Elkhorn submitted the following resolution to the proposition from the committee from Licking.

In relation to the 1st proposition made by the committee from Licking association, the committee from Elkhorn association state, that they regret that the state of society and the circumstances out of which the split in the church at Bryan's as well as of the churches at some other places originated ever existed. That we believe that the causes of those divisions originated in error; and that it is a bad precedent for any association to receive minorities of Churches as the churches themselves. But in reviewing all the circumstances in relation to this subject, we cannot agree because we do not feel that the Elkhorn association were in error in receiving and continuing to receive letters and messengers from the church at Bryan's (called the minority) and we hope as our Licking brethren believe we are in error; and we ask it of them as Christians to forgive the error, we cannot sacrifice the church at Bryan's by rejecting their letters and messengers; we think it ought not to be required of us by our brethren. But if we are wrong in this determination, in the opinion of our Licking brethren, we hope for the good of the society, in charity and brotherly love they will bear with us in the wrong. And in relation to the 2nd proposition, we state that the Elkhorn association has ever maintained the doctrine of Grace as revealed in the Bible and set forth in her constitution, and we refer our Licking brethren to the minutes of the Elkhorn association for 1821 and 1825, for recent expressions upon this subject, and we hope our Licking brethren will unite with us in maintaining the doctrine of Grace as revealed in the Bible and set forth in our respective constitutions and confession of Faith; and that each association will promptly correct every departure therefrom; and with this view we agree to meet the Licking brethren upon their second proposition.

And the committee from Licking make the following amendment to their 1st proposition, viz. Forasmuch as it now appears, that our requisition at the hands of our brethren of the Elkhorn association in our 1st proposition is refused, notwithstanding we are undeviating in our views on that subject, yet as they ask forgiveness, we are willing for the sake of union and correspondence, to submit that case to the hand of divine Providence, believing that "all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose," and that God will avenge his own Elect who cry
[p. 6]
day and night unto him; and as to forgiveness we would gladly grant it, in the spirit of the Gospel, but must await the opening of divine Providence that we may do it conscientiously, -- And the Elklhorn committee acceeded to the 1st proposition as amended. -- And the committees from Licking and Elkhorn, mutually agree to recommend to their respective associations, a correspondence, pursuant to the terms agreed upon, and to use their best endeavours to effect that desirable object.

Signed, Geo. Waller, Moderator.

Benj. Taylor, Clerk.

A letter was received from the Elkhorn association in conformity with the terms of reconciliation as contained in the above proceedings at Town Fork, inviting a friendly and christian union and correspondence with this association, by the hands of her messengers J. T. Johnson, C. L. Barnes, G. Blackburn, J. Sugget, B. A. Hicks, G. F. H. Crockett, J. Creath, Jr., B. S. Chambers, J. Lancaster, B. Twyman and John Edwards. Which was agreed to and her messengers invited to seats after receiving the right hand of fellowship.

Our ministering brethren from other associaitions, who were present, were invited to seats with us.

[From Minutes of the Licking Baptist Association, 1826, pp. 4-6. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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