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I. This organization shall be known as the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society.

II. Its object shall be the collection, preservation, and publication of Baptist historical material; the stimulation of interest in our history; and the diffusion of a fuller knowledge of the past of our denomination and its leaders.

III. There shall be an annual :meeting of the society in connection with the sessions of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, or at some other convenient tirno; when one or :more addresses on historical subjects shall be delivered.

IV. Any person may become a life-member of this society on the payment of Twenty-five ($25.00) Dollars; or an ordinary member by paying an annual fee of Two Dollars and Fifty cents ($2.50). The payment of the annual fee will entitle the members to all the publications of the society for the corresponding year, and to its other privileges.

V. The officers of the society shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer, who shall be elected annually by the members of the society. These officers shall constitute the Executive Committee of the society, together with the other members elected annually. The President shall preside over the meetings of the society, superintend the work of publication when ordered by the society, and in general promote the interests of the society. The Secretary shall preserve the records of the society, receive and hold all funds, and disburse the same on the order of the Executive Committee, and in general promote the interest of the society. The Custodian of the Archives shall act as custodian of the materials gathered.

VI. The Executive Committee shall have charge of all the business of the society in the interim, order the disbursement of all funds, prepare the progrru11s for the annual meeting, make arrangements for the publication of historical material, etc. Either the President or any two members of the Executive Committee can call a meeting of the Committee, of which three shall constitute a quorum.

VII. The Library of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, shall be the depository of all historical materials collected.

VIII. This constitution can be changed only after one year's notice and a vote of a majority of the members present.


[From Dr. Leo T. Crismon, President-Curator, The Kentucky Baptist Heritage, "Special Issue", December, 1970; via Archives and Special Collections, Adam Winters, Archivist. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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