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      Editor's note: David Benedict, of Rhode Island, published the first American Baptist history in 1813. He sought information from Baptists in different areas of the nation and also sought subscriptions for the publication costs. He listed near the end of the second volume of his A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America, and other parts of the World twenty-four pages of subscribers and a number beside the subscriber's name if the person purchased more than one volume.

      Mr. Benedict's spelling of the person's name was not always acccurate, nor were his county locations. It is to be remembered that many new counties were being established in the western states, so he may not have everyone listed as they are more often found. No attempt has been made to change his list. - Jim Duvall.

      The following persons are listed:

Subscribers' from Various States
A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America,
and other parts of the World
, 1813.



Cornwallis, N. B.

Edward Manning, 12


Henry A. Clarke
Aaron Hayden, Esq. 2
Margaret Wortman
Nathaniel Clarke
Daniel Holmes
Abel Sturns
John Bastow
Samuel Wheeler
John Webster
Jonathan N. Peavey
Stephen Jones
Alanson Rice Jerry Burgiss
John Kendall
Moses Norwood, jr.
David Parsons
Stephen Hatch
Jacob Lincoln
Jesse Gleason
Philip Y. Bell
Lewis F. Delesdernier, Esq.
Jonathan C. Todd
Thomas Lesner, jr.

Washington County.

Jonathan Furnald
Robert Moor, Esq.
Capt. James Moor
Benjamin Wakefield
Mark Leighton
Jonathan Leighton
Elisha Small
Capt. Joseph Adams
William Ray
Simeon Brown
Alex. Nichols, Esq.
James Campbell, Esq.
Elisha Coffin
David Wass
Joseph Pattin, Esq.
James Bailey
Otis Smith
Uriah Nash


Isaac Hobert


Daniel Merrill, 10


Samuel Baker, 9


William Allen
Joseph Jackson
Nathaniel Kennedy
John Kennedy
Archibald Robinson
Thomas Trask.jr.
Andrew Waggoner
Samuel Whitehouse
Mary Hawks
Daniel Weeks
Windthrop Weeks

North Yarmouth.

Thomas Green
Sylvanus Boardman
Col. Thomas Chase
James Field
Calvin Stockbridge, 9


Caleb Blood
Samuel Ward
Mark Harris
William Harris
Nathaniel Lefavor
Abel Sturns
Anthony Fernald
Joseph Noble
Joseph C. Boyd, Esq.
Justin Kent
Benj. Radford

Scattered in many towus.

Japheth C. Washburn
Stephen Dexter
Isaac Dexter
Reuben Besse, jr.
Nathaniel Robinson
Nathan Wesson
Capt. John Dennitt
Joseph Palmer
Edmund Haywood
John Smith
Joseph Amory
Henry Kendall
John Tripp



George Evans, 10


George Hough
Isaac Hill


Otis Robinson
Lydia True

New London.

Job Seamans
Jeremiah Pingry, jr.


Joseph Elliot
Andrew Phillips, jr.
William Colburn


Joseph Hammond, jr.
Benjamin Hammond
David Brown, 2


Jeremiah Higbee, 3
Capt. Oliver Shepard
Capt. Levi Warren
Darius Pond


Ariel Kendrick, 14
Absalom Forbes



Madison County
Andrew Trebble
Stephen Hancock
Abraham Lewis
John Moberly
Thomas Jarmon
Evan Watson
John Greenalsh
John Weagle
William Yates
John Morton
John Read
Durret White
Edward Brodus
Lewis H. Gillispie
James Garrard
Thomas C. Howard
William M'Clanahan
William R. Ashby
Joshua Hudson
Thomas Todd
John Cosse Curtis Field

Garrard County

Charles Bland
Robert Robinson
John Arnold
Robert Burnsides
Michael Ray
Spencer Stone
Joel Noll
William Parks
John Floyd

Jefferson County

Zaccheus Carpenter
William M'Hatton

Shelby County

Lazarus Wilcox
John Jones
Elijah Stout
Hinson Hobbs
Edward Tyler
Edmund Edwards
Oswald Thomas
G. Sharp
Stephen Drane
Augustine Webber
William Neill
James Luttrell
John Gathrite
John Maslerson

Barren County

Jacob Locke
Peter Thelkel
Peter Butler
Lieut. Wm. D. Harlow
John S. Camp
Moses Cox
John Conlee
Col. Anthony Butler
Robert Stockton
Ralph Petty
John Rountree
William Rountree
Aquila Green
B. D. Hendrick
Richard Garnett, Esq.
Daniel Curd, Esq.
Capt. R. P. Steenburgan
John H. Barker
William Logan, Esq.
John C. Hall
Hezekiah Davidson
John Murphy
John Baugh
John B. Lohugan
John Goodall
Jordan Glazenbrook
Lewis I. Dood
Hon. Michael W. Hall
William Warder
Walter Warder
Jane Dodd
Capt. Thomas Wynn
John Grubbs
Henry Holeman
James Clayton
John Whealer
Pleasant Emmerson
Isaac Renfro
Capt. James Hall
James Glass
William Meeds
Levy Blankenship
Frederick Fort
John Hervinton
William Dennis
John Yearly
Joseph Taylor
Eus. E. Hall
Clement Hitch
John Warder
Joseph Warder, jr.
Frederick Smith
William Bowles
Stephen Beauchap

Nelson County

Moses Pierson
Abner King
Nicholas Osborn
Samuel Simmons
Abner Chaffin
William Kendall
Matthias Wells
John Osborn
Samuel Osborn, jr.
B. Fluerman
Joseph Pancake
Tyre Harris
James Bruce
George Atbin
William Sonds
David Duncan
Henry Shoptaw
Joseph Ross
William Wells
Daniel Kennard
Patrick M'Gee
John Marity
Elijah Wigginton
N. B. Porter
James Dawson
Elijah Appgate
Thomas Saunders
William May
Joseph Lewis
Parmenas Briscoe
Edward Goodwin
George Saunders
Samuel Anderson
Joshua Hobbs
Micakay Glasscock
Rodolphus Bracky
William Chenawith
Elijah King
John Hawkins
Joseph Hawkins
John C. Hinton
Beall Dorsey
Enos Keith
Thomas M'Carty
James Caldwell
Anthony Varnan

Scott's County

James Suggett
John H.Ficklem
Thomas Henderson
James Johnson
M. Duvall
Jonathan J. Johnson
Jonathan Davis
A. Sapp
T. Craig
R. Johnson
Levi Craig
James Hammons
Samuel Whorton
David Carr
Younger Pitts
P. Peak
John King
T. Alexander
R. Smith
Jonathan Rogers
Joseph Hokings
Thomas Waggoner
F. Denny
Joseph Vance
Thomas Bradley
Thomas Cobb
E. Sherley
Joel Martin
A. Mothershead
Jonathan W. Craig
E. Short
Thomas Butler
M. Boulware
Isaac Miller
Isaac Keller
I. Warfield
T. Marshall
Jonathan Swan
Jonathan Bartlett
Richard W. Herndon
I. Gibbs
W. Suggett

Galatin, and other Counties

John Taylor - 5
Eleazer Hedden
Samuel Sancleave
William Ford
Thomas F. Rees
Isaac Forbis
John Coons
John Callaway
Alan M'Guire
Enoch Hansbrough
Thomas Vandeveer
Henry Davidge
William Middleton
Peter Fore
William Neal
Thomas Craig
John Paul
Isaac Vauter
Jesse Connell
David Owen
John Ristine
Abraham King
Robert Tomkins
William Webb, jr.
John Ransdell
John H. Morris
Joel Jackson
Roberts Scott
John Barner
Reuben Craig
John Arnold
Jesse Bryant
Silas M. Noel
Dudley Mitchum
Earnest F. Martine
Christopher Wilson
Moses Scott
Chichester Matthews
Cave Johnson
Widen Sleet
Jameson Hawkins
John Ashbrook
William Whiteaker
Robert Garnett
Samuel Bryan
Joseph M'Kike
William May
William Shurman
Joseph Kellar
Rowland Thomas
James Hacket

Boon County

Hugh Sleet
Presley Peck
Jeremiah Griffing
Moses Vickers
Daniel Baldwin
Robert Garnett
William Brady
Reuben Searcey
John Terrell
John Shaver
William Warrell
Lewis Conner
Abraham Voughan
Benjamin Cave
John Watts
James Dickin
Joshua Leathers
William Underhill
William Smither


[A copy from an original edition at the Boone County Public Library, Scheben Branch, Union, KY. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall. ]

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