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[Thirty-five Documents]
American Home Missions Among the Indians
By Henry C. Vedder, 1927

Letter From Two Indians To Mr. [Isaac] M’Coy
The American Baptist Magazine, 1828

A Prayer from A Converted Choctaw Indian
From Rev. Mr. Williams, the Missionary
The Baptist Magazine, 1829

Indian Stations East and West
of the Mississippi River

[Where Baptist mission work was being done]
From The Baptist newspaper, 1835

Indian Stations
The Baptist Missionary Magazine, 1835

Report on Triennial Convention, Richmond, Virginia, 1835
O-go-na-ye, a native Indian preacher or exhorter

Creek Indian Disturbances
The Baptist Missionary Magazine, 1837

The Emigrating Cherokees
The Baptist newspaper, 1838

Report on Indian Works
From The Baptist newspaper, 1844

John Young, Missionary to the Indians
by Larry Douglas Smith

Rev. Jesse Bushyhead
Christian Cherokee Indian Chief
Tennessee Baptist, 1844

Henry F. Buckner
Baptist Indian Missionary

Robert Simerwell
Indian Baptist Missionary in Kansas, 1800s

Life Among the Navajos
By N. B. Rairden
From The Baptist Argus, 1907

Cherokee Letter, 1845
The Baptist Missionary Magazine

Missionary Department
Semi-annual Meeting of the American Indian Mission Association

Madison, Indiana
From Tennessee Baptist paper, 1847

Indian Missions
Tennessee Baptist paper, 1847

Nashville [TN] Indian Mission Association
The Baptist, newspaper, 1847

A Visit to the Camanches
By H. F. Buckner, 1848
From the Tennessee Bapist

Skenandoah, Christian Oneida Indian Chief
Kusick, Christian Chief of the Tuscarora Tribe

From Colonel McKenry's Book on the Indians
Via the Tennessee Baptist, 1848

Indian Baptist Association Meeting
Tennessee Baptist, 1848

Armstrong Academy
Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
Bryan County, Oklahoma, 1848

A Prayer from A Converted Choctaw Indian
From Rev. Mr. Williams, the Missionary
The Baptist Magazine, 1859

Choctaw Indian News
Tennessee Baptist paper, 1887

Indian Missions
From the Indian Advocate, 1850
A Poem

American Indian Mission Association
[An Essay on the Misuse of Funds]
The Tennessee Baptist, 1853

An Appeal For Indian Missions, 1855
By J. M. Pendleton &
H. B. Buckner

A Request for Help
From Rehoboth Mission Station
Choctaw Nation, West of Arkansas
By J. S. Murrow, 1868

Among the Comanches
My First Sermon, 1877
By Missionary A. J. Holt

First Mission Work Among Wild Tribes
By Victor I. Masters
The Home Field Magazine, 1914

Baptist Indian Information - Miscellaneous
From the Tennessee Baptist

A Report on American Indian Missions
The Baptist Home Mission Monthly, 1899

Ten Indian Leaders Meet in Kansas City
The Baptist Argus, 1905

Meeting of Oklahoma Indian Baptist Association
Missionary Harry Bock
Pawnee, Oklahoma
The Home Field Journal, 1913

History of Baptist Indian Missions
By Isaac McCoy, 1840
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