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Choctaw Indian News
Tennessee Baptist paper, 1887
      Elder V. M. Thrasher of Brooken, Choctaw Nation, I[ndian]. T[erritory]., says: "As you ask for Baptist news from all sections I thought I would write a line from our Indian country. Our cause here is gaining ground despite Satan's effort to pull it down. If it was not for whiskey peddlers there would be no trouble about Christianizing the Indians. I am in the field this year as missionary besides having the care of two churches, one of them forty miles from home. My churches, I think, will soon declare for church communion. There are two churches close to me that never invite any persons aside from their own members. This I believe to be right; but I meet with a great deal of opposition among the brethren on the subject. May the Lord bless and spare Bro. Graves is my prayer."

[From The Tennessee Baptist newspaper, May 28, 1887, p. 7. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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