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From the Tennessee Baptist.
For the Tennessee Baptist, December 14, 1848.

      Bro. Graves:
      I received, a few days since, from brother Mal. Morris, near Macon, Tenn., five dollars, for Indian Missions, which I have paid over to the Treasurer, and hereby acknowledge. If many other brethren will follow this example many an Indian will have reason for gratitude.
      R. B. C. Howell.


For the Tennessee Baptist, January 24, 1850

Baptisms among the Indians

      The Indian Advocate for September [1849], has notice of nineteen baptisms and eight restorations among the Creeks. Rev. R. D. Potts, reports in the same paper three baptisms among the Choctaws.


Missionary Appointment

      At the last meeting of the Board, Rev. Andrew Moffat, of Vicksburg, Miss., was appointed as a Missionary to the Indians. Brother Moffat has, for some length of time, contemplated a location among the Indians, and having expressed his desire to the last Baptist State Convention of Mississippi, he was duly commended to the Board by that body. - Brother Moffat has received a liberal education, and has had considerable experience, both in teaching and preaching, and we feel assured that he will prove an efficient co-laborer in the cause of Indian reform. The point at which brother Moffat is to be located, has not been definitely fixed upon, but will be either among the Choctaws or Osages.

[From the Tennessee Baptist, February 14, 1850.]


The Church Member's Handbook
By Rev. William Crowell

      This book was reviewed by several newspapers. From the Indian Advocate:

      This is decidedly the best treatise on the subject of which it treats, that has ever come under our notice. The propositions are plainly stated and concisely illustrated.

[From the Tennessee Baptist, June 15, 1850, p. 3.]


missions Isaac F. Henrick
Agent for Indian Missions

      The Aberdeen Association have paid over to the Treasurer of the Stale Convention, funds for the support of a native preacher, and at the last meeting of the State Convention the sum of four hundred dollars was pledged for life by members of the Convention and other friends, for the purpose of sustaining another Missionary in the Indian country. - I. F. H.


[From the Tennessee Baptist, January, 17, 1852. P. 1.]
Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.

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