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Semi-annual Meeting of the
American Indian Mission Association

Madison, Indiana
Tennessee Baptist paper, 1847
      According to previous arrangements, the semi-annual meeting of the American Indian Mission Association, held its third semi-annual meeting in the house of the Baptist church in Madison, commencing on the 13th inst., and continuing until the evening of the 14th.

      There were but few members present, and although the meeting was held in the State of Indiana, the most of the ministers and members present were from Kentucky. The members and friends of the meeting assembled at the meeting-house at 10 o'clock, A. M. and spent one hour in solemn prayer to God for his blessing on the society and its great enterprise; after which the meeting was called to order, and the names of the messengers and members enrolled.

      Though the meeting was but thinly attended, the members present entered upon the business with a becoming zeal, and we feel confident good will result from the meeting.

      Near $140 were paid in by the members and representatives present; a company of the female members of the church, undertook, with praiseworthy zeal, to raise $100, towards the support of sisters McCoy and Osgood.

      Brother Cusic a chief of the Tuscarora Indians preached in the Baptist meeting-house on Friday night, and a collection of $6.00 was taken up for the Potawatomie mission.

      As our brethren were invited to preach in several other houses on the Lord 's day, it was proposed to take collections at each of those places after sermon, the result of which meetings we have not heard, but suppose that added to the above sums these collections will make an aggregate of something like $300, collected at that meeting.

      Upon the whole the interview was a pleasant one, and one which we trust will result in much good to the cause of the Indians. We were gratified in meeting our old friends, and in making some very pleasant new acquaintances, especially among the members of the church in Madison.

      As the minutes of the meeting will shortly be published, entire, in the Banner and Indian Advocate, we shall content ourselves with this brief notice of it. Banner and Pioneer


[From R. B. C. Howell and J. R. Graves, editors, Tennessee Baptist, May 29, 1847, p. 1.]


      Next Annual Meeting - The sixth Annual meeting of the American Indian Mission Association will be held in Augusta, Ga., commencing Thursday, October 26lh, 1848.

      The friends of the poor Indian from all parts of the country, are earnestly solicited to attend and participate in its deliberations, and aid by their presence and counsel the work of Indian reform.

      We hope the brethren who design attending the Annual meeting, will remember the pressing demands upon our Treasury, and bring with them liberal donations to replenish its almost exhausted coffers.

      The Annual Sermon will be preached by the Rev. Dr. Howell of Nashville, Tenn.

[From the Tennessee Baptist, September 28, 1848. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.

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