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Thoughts on Giving

     James Pendleton became a co-editor of the Tennessee Baptist newspaper in 1858. This series of essays was first published in that paper in 1859-1860. He was a professor at Union University and pastor of the Baptist church in Murfreesborough,TN when he wrote these essays. Brackets [ ] indicating Scripture references are added; titles also have been added.
      Thomas White, President of Cedarville University, OH, has produced a three-volume set on Pendleton and his works. It is available here.

A Series of Essays Published in
the Tennessee Baptist, 1859-1860
By James M. Pendleton

#1 - "More Blessed to Give than to Receive"

#2 - "How Much Owest Thou to my Lord?"

#3 - "Jehovah is the Sovereign Proprietor of all Things"

#4 - "Systematic Giving as the Lord Prospers Us"

#5 - "The Danger of Covetousness"

#6 - "More on The Danger of Covetousness"

#7 - "The Many Jewish Sacrifices"

#8 - "Lay in Store"

#9 - "On The First Day of the Week"

#10 - "Weekly, Monthly or Annual Giving?"

#11 - "Lord, What Will Thou Have Me to Give?"

#12 - "Three Good Reasons for Giving"

#13 - "More Reasons for Giving"

#14 - "Giving for Missions"

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