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A Revival Meeting in Christian County, Kentucky
Preached by Reuben Ross and Others

Reported by James M. Pendleton
To Mr. William J. Denson, Nashville

Bowling Green, Ky., Aug. 6th, 1838.
     Bro. Denson - Dear Sir:
     Your note was handed to bro. Ross a few days since, and in compliance with his request I will give you some of the particulars of the protracted meeting at Bethel, Christian county, Kentucky, concerning the result of which you solicit information.

     According to appointment the meeting commenced on the 21st ult. and continued thirteen days. Much prayerful anxiety was felt by the people of God relative to a revival of Zion's languishing interests. The encouraging truth was demonstrated that "effectual fervent prayer avails much." The blessing of Jehovah descended saints rejoiced, and sinners implored the mercy of Heaven. The seats designated for penitents were occupied by a few the second day of the meeting, and from that period the number rapidly increased. A general solemnity pervaded the whole congregation. - Tears fell from many eyes before unaccustomed to weep. - It was not unusual for from six to ten inquirers to find "Him of whom Moses and the prophets wrote," during the exercises of a single day. The ministers present were Elders Reuben Ross, Tandy, Rutherford, Watts, Hubbard, Anderson, Nixon, Vaughan, Norman, and Bradley, of Mississippi. - Several Presbyterian and Methodist brethren were occasionally in attendance. On the 12th day of the meeting brother Ross baptized sixty-six rejoicing converts, and on the day following the sacramental supper was administered. It was a time of much interest. Many will long remember the affecting circumstances of the parting scene, amid which they partook of the bread and the wine, the emblematical representatives of Messiah's body and blood. The impressive spectacle was, for aught I can tell, beheld by angels with devout admiration; for it seemed to all present a miniature representation of Heaven itself.

     Gratified that I have been able to communicate these facts in relation to one of the most interesting of meetings. I bid you a brotherly farewell,

James M. Pendleton

[From Robert B. C. Howell, editor, The Baptist newspaper, Volume 4, 1838, pp. 267-268. Document from Google Books. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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