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Campbell County Baptist Association
A History of Baptists in Kentucky
Frank M. Masters

Campbell County (KY) Baptist Association
Established in 1827

An Early History of the Campbell County Association
By N. Pettit, 1855

History of Campbell County Association
Campbell County Association Minutes, 1896
By Leo Gosney & Committee

History of Campbell County Baptist Association
By E. C. Hutton, Clerk, 1926

The Campbell County (KY) Baptist Association
Statistics and Pastoral Information, 1857

An Essay on Temperance, 1853
To the Campbell County (KY) Baptist Association

Campbell County Association
By Rev. Amos Stout
The Baptist Argus, 1898

History of the Alexandria Baptist Church
(Now First Baptist Church of Alexandria)
By J. White, 1880

New Northern Kentucky Baptist Church
The Baptist Argus, 1904

History of Dayton (KY) Baptist Church

History of the First Baptist Church of Newport

First Baptist Church, Newport, Kentucky
Dedication of New Building
Newspaper Announcement, 1892

Newport [KY] Baptist Church Founded by Pioneers
From Pieces of the Past
By Jim Reis

Condensed History of the
First German Baptist Church

of Newport, Kentucky
By Graden Walker, 1892

History of the Flagg Spring Baptist Church
Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1871

History of Grant's Lick Baptist Church
By James I. Ware, 1890

Early History of Licking Baptist Church
New Cold Spring Baptist Church
By Frank M. Masters, 1953

Sketch of Licking Valley Baptist Church
By G. W. Maddox, 1885

History of Mentor Baptist Church
Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1939

History of Twelve-Mile Baptist Church
Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1886

Church Statistics of Campbell County
Baptist Association, 1885

From the Minutes

Report of Committee on Synopsis of Church Letters
Minutes of Campbell County (KY) Association, 1900

Campbell County (KY) Baptist Association
The Baptist Argus, 1904

James M. Jolly
Early Northern Kentucky Baptist Minister
Campbell County (KY) Association Minutes, 1901

The Life of the Frontier Preacher John Stevens
Campbell County, Kentucky
By N. Pettit, 1855

The Republican Hymn Book
A Hymnal by Thomas Herbert, 1845
(In 1838 Thomas Herbert was pastor at 12-Mile BC)

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