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Campbell County (KY) Baptist Association
The Baptist Argus, 1904
      This association met in its seventy-eighth session with the Baptist church at Alexandria, Aug. 24 and 25. The moderator, C. J. Bagby, called the association to order. After a song, J. C. Holmes, of Augusta, led in prayer. W. B. Hall, of Dayton, preached the introductory sermon; subject: "Jesus of Nazareth." He spoke most earnestly and fluently on the sympathy, authority, influence and glory of Jesus.

      Two new churches, Bellevue and Mentor, made application for and were received into membership.

      The Bellevue Baptist Church was organized a few months ago with 34 members and through the untiring labors of their pastor, J. G. Johnson, their number has grown to 76. They have purchased a lot and will begin to build as soon as possible. We do not know of a more devout band of workers in Kentucky. The writer had the privilege to preach for them in July, and secure a club for the Argus.

      The Mentor church was organized in July. She has not secured a pastor yet, but has a working Sunday School.

      Bro. Liggin made an earnest speech in behalf of Georgetown College, J. M. Fowler, read the report on "Religious Literature," and in his speech appealed for a change in name of report to "Denominational Literature," aand in his speech appealed for a change in name of report to “Denominational Literature.” At 3:30 p. m. H. L. Swain preached from the texts Gen. 1:3. "And God said let there be light," and 2 Corinthians 4:6. Theme, The continuous fulfillment of the first recorded Word of God.

      Johnson, of Bellevue Baptist preached in Alexandria Wednesday evening and Swain, of Louisville, at Pleasant Ridge. Each reported a good meeting.

      Reports on Home, State and Foreign Missions were read and Brethren J. W. Beagle, W. B. Hall and Dr. Bow made earnest and pointed speeches, and then we had a doctrinal sermon by Dr. [W.P.] Harvey.

      The association gave the woman's work 40 minutes before the evening session Thursday. Miss Flora Struble planned a good program, all the women and most of the men attended the meeting. After devotional exercises by Miss Struble papers were presented by Miss Edith Southall on China, Miss E. A. Caldwell on Italy, Miss Bessie Kees on Mexico, Mrs. H. L. Swain on the Woman's Missionary Union. The representative of the Argus spoke on a missionary's call and our work in Cuba. Miss Struble made an earnest appeal for the establishment of missionary societies in all the churches of Campbell county association.

      The afternoon session was filled with reports on Temperance, schools, ministerial aid, orphans' home and obituaries. Every one enjoyed the association so far as we know. No class of women ever provided a more sumptuous feast for the saints than did the good women of Alexandria for the association.

      The next session will be held with Wilmington Baptist Church.
           H. L. S.


[From The Baptist Argus, September 1, 1904, p. 4; via Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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