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Report of Committee on Synopsis of Church Letters
Minutes of Campbell County (KY) Association, 1900
      We, the Committee on Synopsis of Church Letters, beg to submit the following report:

      FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, NEWPORT. - In a good spiritual condition, good attendance at all services. Young People's Societies doing good work. Ladies' Aid Society doing grand work spiritually and financially, raised $726.00 for liquidating debt of church. Sabbath School flourishing.

      OLD LICKING CHURCH. - Preaching once a month. Bro. Vickers assisted Pastor G. D. Billeisen in a meeting last two weeks in July; result twelve baptized, one by letter, and one to be baptized. The Church has been revived. Sabbath School all year round. Branch Sabbath School at Brent. Prayer Meeting every Thursday evening.

      LICKING VALLEY CHURCH. - In good spiritual condition, one addition this year, looking forward to an ingathering of souls for Christ. Sabbath School flourishing. Branch Sabbath School, at Poplar Thicket, flourishing.

      OAK ISLAND BAPTIST CHURCH. - In a prosperous condition. Interesting Sabbath School. $8.81 sent for colportage work. J. H. Summey, Pastor, preaching once a month.

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      ALEXANDRIA BAPTIST CHURCH. - In a good spiritual condition. Baptism 1, letter 3. Had no Protracted Meeting in the past year. Some few new improvements. Ladies' Aid Society anticipating more improvements. Junior Aid Society started circulating library, laying plans on broader basis. Good Sunday School. Young People's Meeting every Friday night.

      DAYTON BAPTIST CHURCH. - In flourishing condition; 51 additions, 25 baptisms, 25 by letter, 1 experience. Paid church debt amounting to $6,700. Memorial organ, in memory of Capt. John Barret, presented by family; cost $2,700. Sabbath School in flourishing condition. Prayer Meeting and flourishing Young People's Society, also Junior Society meets every week.

      FIRST TWELVE-MILE. - In cold condition spiritually. Church divided. Last Revival Meeting 8 additions. Church building improved.

      WILMINGTON CHURCH. - Fair condition: Good Sunday School.

      GRANT'S LICK CHURCH. - In good spiritual condition. Excellent Sabbath School. Additions by baptism 13. Branch Sabbath School. $37.35 sent direct to Gospel Missions.

      PLEASANT RIDGE CHURCH. - In fair condition. New house in prospect. Good Sabbath School.

      FLAGG SPRING. - Good Prayer Meeting. Sabbath School in good condition. Mission Sunday School in a live condition. Invitation to Association to meet with us next year.

      SECOND TWELVE-MILE. - Evergreen Sabbath School. J. M. Jolly resigned, and Rev. Amos Stout was called.

      PERSIMMON GROVE CHURCH. - Our Pastor, T. J. Markberry, resigned, served three months, and we called J. T. Stamper, who now is Pastor. Two additions. Good Sabbath School. Fair Prayer Meeting.

      GERMAN CHURCH, NEWPORT. - Very little change since last year. Have regular preaching every Sunday, and a very good Sabbath School.


[From Minutes of Campbell County (KY) Association, 1900, pp. 11-12. This document is from the Northern Kentucky Baptist Association office, Erlanger, KY. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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