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Bible Conference at Calvary Baptist Church
Covington, KY
Western Recorder, 1932
      During the week of February 15-20 we held our second annual Bible conference in our church. Brother Clarence Walker, pastor of the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church of Lexington, Ky., did the preaching. He lectured on the general topic: "The Trail of Blood." To illustrate these lectures he used a chart formerly used and owned by the late Dr. J.M. Carroll. This is a chart dealing with the history of the Baptist churches from the days of Christ to the present hour. Brother Walker dealt with the subject in a masterly way. Our house was filled each evening, and our people were greatly strengthened.

      Brother Walker has many invitations to deliver this famous series of lectures. Any church which is fortunate enough to secure his services will be greatly helped, and will be better enabled to "contend earnestly for the faith."

      Brother F.D. McFadden, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Spencer, Indiana led the singing. He too was a great inspiration to our people. He is a great song leader, putting lots of life into the music, but never putting it on the level of jazz. Brother McFadden is being greatly used of God in the field of evangelistic singing, in addition to doing a great work as pastor of his noble church.

      Both of these brethren have been with us several times, and each time they come they have been a blessing.

      Our work in the church is progressing nicely and we have every reason to "thank God and take courage." March 6 the pastor starts his sixth year as pastor of the church. Our people have been good to us and we feel unworthy of the great blessings that have been ours.
      D.B. Eastep, Pastor


[From the Western Recorder, March 3, 1932, page 13. The document was supplied by Ben Stratton, Farmington, KY. Formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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