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West Kentucky Baptist Association, 1897
      The West Kentucky Baptist Association convened in Hickman Wednesday, and was organized by the election of Rev. J. N. Hall, Moderator and Rev. T. C. Mahan, Clerk. This association covers the territory of Fulton, Hickman, and Carlisle counties and embraces 33 churches. There are 80 delegates present, the attendance being somewhat lessened by the drought and disagreeable dustiness of the roads and the recent quarantine apprehension at Hickman. This delegation is a fine looking body of ladies and gentlemen, evidencing a degree of education, culture, and Christian deportment of which any church might be proud. Among the visitors from abroad we note, Rev. W. P. Harvey, of the Baptist Recorder, Louisville, Rev. Wm. Richmond of the German Church, Louisville, and Rev. J. G. Bow, of Pembroke, Ky, representative of the Ministers' Aid Society.

      Rev. J. N. Hall preached the introductory sermon Wednesday night, which was a very liberal and able discourse.

      The Dr. Whitsitt controversy which has attracted so much consideration in and outside of Baptist churches, had not been brought before the Association at the hour of going to press, but the unmistakeable trend of opinion in the association is in disapproval of the attitude and utterances of Dr. Whitsitt.


[From Hickman Courier, Friday, October 8, 1897, Volume XXXII, No. 46, p. 3. Document provided by Ben Stratton, Farmington, KY.]

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