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Belleview Baptist Church History
Boone County, Kentucky

Belleview Baptist Churchbook 1
Church Members' Names
[In Progress]

Belleview Baptist Churchbook 2

Belleview Baptist Churchbook 3
[In Progress]

Vending at the Associational Meetings in Boone County, KY
A Statement by the Middle Creek Baptist Church, July, 1846

History of Middle Creek Baptist Church
Boone County, Kentucky
By S. P. Brady, 1874
Long-time Clerk of the Church

A Brief History of the Belleview Baptist Church
Boone County, Kentucky
190th Anniversary, 1993

Middle Creek Baptist Church
[Now Belleview]

Boone County, Kentucky
Letter to the North Bend Baptist Association, 1833

A Letter Sent from Bullittsburg Baptist Church
to Middle Creek Baptist Church Concerning
the division in the Northbend Association, January, 1841

Belleview [Middle Creek] Baptist Church Slave Members

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