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A Letter Sent from Bullittsburg Baptist Church to Middle Creek [Belleview] Baptist Church
Concerning the division in the Northbend Association, January, 1841
Recived from Our Sister Church Bullitsburg By the Hand of Brother Kirtley a friendly Request which is as follows The Curch of Christ at Bullittsburg takes into Consideration the present Condition of the North Bend Afsociation Whereas It appearing that the order of things has been Changed Since our last Annual Meeting by several Churches Leaving the Boddy in an unusual way viz (Mudlick Forks of Gunpowder Bethel Crewes Creek Fourmile and Salem) one of those Churches that left petitioned and Agreed to Receive our Next Association and the Brother that was appointed to write The next Circular has also left us. we therefore Recommend that the Curches of Dry Creek Middle Creek Sand Run East Bend Crooked Creek and the first Baptist Curch in Covington Appoint a Delegation (Should they think with us) to meet in Council previous to the next Seting of our anual Meeting or Association and Make such regulations as they May think Advisable we propose that the first Friday in Aprile next be the time of the Called Meeting And we the Curch at Bullitsburg Request that Meeting to be held with us our doors will open to Receive Brethren at that time
J C Graves Clk            Robert Kirtley Md
Done by order of Church the 1st Satyrday in January 1841

[Following is the response of the Middle Creek (Belleview) Baptist Church - one week later.]
At a Middle Creek Church Meeting the 2nd Satyrday in January 1841

The above Resolution we unhesitating with out a Decenting voice thought proper to adopt and meet withe you Wm Brady B Cave Wm Ryle James Ryle J T Scott J Haydon D M Scott Robert Huey Elijah Ryle H Stephens R Botts Sebern Brady B F Garnett J Huey Newton Ragesdale Jno Ryle Jno Brady Wm Huey Wm Garnett
Wm Garnett Mdr            J Brady Clk

[From the Churchbook of Middle Creek (Belleview) Baptist Church, bound copy, p. 35, 1841. Transcribed by Michael Capek 2002. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall. ]

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