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Baptists in New Jersey
The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Chronicle, 1842

History of New Jersey Baptists
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

A History of the Cohansey Baptist Church
In Old West Jersey
By Charles E. Sheppard

Historical Sketch of Morristown Baptist Church
Morristown, New Jersey
North New Jersey Baptist Association Minutes, 1872

History of Mount Bethel Baptist Church
Mount Bethel, New Jersey
East New Jersey Baptist Association Minutes, 1872

History of First Baptist Church,
Newark, New Jersey
American Baptist Memorial, 1855
By Henry C. Fish

First German Baptist Church
Newark, New Jersey
Constituted September 7, 1849

History of Piscataway Baptist Church
Piscataway, New Jersey
By James F. Brown, Pastor, 1871

History of Scotch Plains Baptist Church
Scotch Plains, New Jersey
East New Jersey Baptist Association
By J. C. Buchanan, Pastor, 1871

New Jersey Baptist Convention, 1834
A Report from The Baptist Newspaper, 1835

North New Jersey Baptist Association
Abstract of Church Letters, 1872

Early Afro-American Baptist Churches in New Jersey
A History of Baptists in New Jersey
By Thomas S. Griffiths, 1904

Rev. Joseph Sheppard, A. M.
Colonial New Jersey Baptist Minister
By James E. Welch, 1845

One Hundredth Anniversary Exercises of the
Baptist Church, Flemington, New Jersey
, 1898
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First Baptist Church, Bloomfield, N. J.
Twenty-five Years of its History
, 1876
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