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     The following notes were included in the Minutes of the North New Jersey Baptist Association in 1872 and are taken from the Letters sent by the churches. - jrd

Abstract of Letters

      MORRISTOWN. — E. D. BENTLY, Pastor. Have during the past year enjoyed one of almost unexampled prosperity. A. continuous and quiet work of grace, baptizing converts nearly every communion. The Sunday School increased nearly 50 per cent. Average attendance of congregation and prayer meetings nearly 35 per cent, over that of former years. Have purchased a Parsonage property costing $10,000.

     SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN. — GEO. F. HENDRICKSON, Pastor. Rejoice in their reunion with the old Association. Draw attention to the necessity of occupying many important fields open for missionary work. United among themselves, they are blessed in faithful pastoral labor. Congregations well sustained and prayer and conference meetings very interesting. Have three Sunday Schools in a flourishing condition.

     1ST WANTAGE. — GEO. P. LOVE, Pastor. As a church though faint, yet still pursuing. Have lost by death two members, faithful and devoted. We sustain two Sabbath services, two weekly prayer meetings and three Sunday Schools. We propose building a church edifice and parsonage for which $3,000 is already subscribed. United in our Pastor we appreciate his labors.

     NORTHFIELD. — SAMUEL DAVIS, Supply. Have a chequered and interesting history as a church, amidst many discouragements, have been enabled to maintain the stated worship of God, with slight intervals, either having our own Pastor or regular Supply. Congregations good, Sabbath School prosperous, two of its members have during the year been baptized, and others are seeking the ordinance.

     HAMBURGH. — DAVID SILVER, Pastor. Have large congregation, three prayer meetings weekly, which are well attended and very encouraging. While there is much to humble us we do not despair of seeing much of the precious work of our Lord in our midst.

     1ST PATERSON. — JOSEPH BANVARD, Pastor. Nothing of particular interest to communicate. Still favored with the faithful and able pastorate of Bro. Banvard, who is at present making a brief foreign tour and in his absence are dependent upon other ministering brethren. We are blessed with the same peace and harmony which have so long marked our history; although but few accessions have been made to our number, there is evidence that the seed sown is ripening into a harvest. Sunday School spiritually prosperous.

     BLOOMINGDALE. — J. W. MARSH, Pastor. Our prospects as a church are decidedly more encouraging at this time, than they have for years past. We have regular preaching every Lord's day, and our Pastor been privileged to baptize seven with the fellowship of the church. Our Sunday School the most interesting we ever had. We need more than all else a genuine revival of religion.

     LAFAYETTE. — A. H. ROBINSON, Pastor. Our church greatly revived, eight precious souls were baptized into her fellowship during the past year, and Bro. Robinson settled as our Pastor. Feel encouraged.

     MOUNT SALEM. — No Pastor. Pastor resigned last May. Have received by baptism ten, letter three, during the year. Interesting Sabbath School and Bible class. Weekly prayer meetings well attended.

     NEWTON. — J. T. CRAIG, Pastor. Been blessed with a powerful revival. Financially improved, in past year. Conversions in our Sabbath Schools. Increasingly large congregations, and united church. Prayer meetings very profitable.

     NEW DURHAM.— THOS. F. CLANCY, Pastor. The gospel is statedly and faithfully preached among us, and between Pastor and people a warm and growing attachment which promises future good. Have to mourn the exclusion of some members and the indifference of many in their attendance at prayer meeting. Sabbath School in excellent condition.

     ORANGE, FIRST. — WM. B. HEDDEN, Pastor. God has been, and is with us, our Sunday School in a flourishing condition. Have hope in a large number of its members that they are followers of Jesus. Our church property worth $11,000, with small indebtedness. Appreciate the labors of our Pastor.

     HOBOKEN, FIRST. — ALFRED HARRIS, Pastor. The Master's cause has been held up among us, the word faithfully preached and the Spirit's power savingly felt. Death has been among us anti taken five of our members to join the ranks of the glorified in Heaven.

     CALDWELL. — W. E. Howell, Pastor. Past year been one of comparative inaction. Rev. J. M. Carpenter left us last September, since which, the pulpit has been regularly and faithfully supplied by Bro. W. E. Howell, who has been a comfort and blessing to us. We look forward with hope.

     JERSEY CITY, FIRST. — W. H. PARMLY, Pastor. Have to rejoice in the faithful preaching of the word, and labors of a beloved Pastor. Peace and harmony prevail, and several accessions to our membership during the past year. Our Sunday Schools very prosperous.

     MILLINGTON. — PETER GIBB, Pastor. Our history for the past year has been financially easy, socially quiet, spiritually progressive. Lost one of our aged members. Held a series of meetings during the winter which resulted in the salvation of some.

     BLOOMFIELD. — W. F. STUBBERT, Pastor. We have been hoping for a more general interest during the past year, but are grateful for present mercies and privileges. We have been financially prosperous, receipts having considerably exceeded our expenditure. Brotherly love and harmony prevail.

     WEST HOBOKEN. — WM. GILKES, Pastor. Busily engaged completing their meeting-house. Enjoy the labors of their pastor, and have had a few added to their number. A blessing resting on the Sabbath School, and prayer meetings spiritually profitable.

     NORTH CHURCH, NEWARK. — No Pastor. Our late and much-loved pastor, Geo. B. Horr, with twenty (20) of our members, withdrew to, with other brethren, constitute a new Baptist church in the western part of the city. Since then we have been prayerfully waiting upon the Master in the hope he will early send us the right man. Our school is interesting, prayer and conference meetings well attended, and the system of weekly voluntary contributions instead of renting our pews been successfully inaugurated.

     JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS. — WM B. HARRIS, Pastor. Have settled as their pastor, Bro. W. B. Harris, and are praying and laboring for the prosperity of Zion and the conversion of sinners. Have a flourishing Sabbath School of about 200.

     ORANGE NORTH. — WM. HAGUE, Pastor. No letter.

     BELVIDERE. — J. G. ENTREKIN, Pastor. Faint yet still pursuing. Burdened with debt. We pray for sympathy. Labor to uphold the cause of Christ, and not without tokens of God's favor.

     MILLBURN. — ADAM CHAMBERS, Pastor. We are thankful for the many evidences we have of God’s favor. Some souls have been converted and baptized. Have a preaching station at Summit. Our congregations increased. Pastor's labors most faithful. Sunday School attractive to the children, piano and silk class and prize banners having been added to what already makes it so interesting. Are building a parsonage costing $3,000.

     GLENWOOD. — T. M. GRENELL, Pastor. With gratitude we record the goodness and mercy of cur Heavenly Father. Have enjoyed a faithfully preached gospel, and the Lord in the midst of our assemblies. Our general aspect as a church seems to be seed-sowing and watering. Our Sabbath School is in a promising condition. Welcome the Association to our hearts and homes.

     PASSAIC. — No Pastor. Have been blessed during the past year in the conversion of some precious souls, and reception of others by letters. Without a pastor, we are waiting on God to send us one whom He is preparing to lead us. We believe much blessing is in store for us.

     JERSEY CITY NORTH. — No Pastor. The year just closed marked by many changes. Parted with one pastor, Bro. H. Cordo, and four of our deacons. Our Sunday School large and prosperous. Our pulpit supply regular, and from the best talent in the denomination, and our prayer and conference meetings well sustained. Our young people’s prayer and praise have been so signally marked with God's favor in the past, are still maintained.

     TOWN OF UNION. — E. SCHAEFER, Pastor. Rejoice in the formation of the new Association. Have nothing special to communicate.

     BRANCHVILLE. — No Pastor. A feeble band, struggling, and deserving of sympathy. Very important field to occupy.

     GERMAN PILGRIM. — H. GUBELMAN, Pastor. No special communication.


     NEWARK, ROSEVILLE. — Geo. B. Horr, Pastor. Have the brightest prospects of usefulness, and been much blessed since our recent organization. Situated in a beautiful and rapidly growing neighborhood, with a tasteful house of worship, faithful and beloved pastor, and earnest working brethren and sisters, we feel greatly encouraged. Mourn the loss by death of one of our beloved sisters, and most efficient worker in the Sabbath School.


[From the Minutes of the North New Jersey Baptist Association, 1872, pp. 14-24. This document was obtained from a photocopy of the original at The Rare Books and Special Collections Library, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. - jrd]

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