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New Jersey Baptist Convention, 1834
A Report from The Baptist Newspaper, 1835
      Through the polite attention of the Secretary, Elder M. G. Rhees, we have been favoured with a copy of the Minutes of the New Jersey Baptist Convention, held at the Meeting House of the Trenton and Lamberton church, Nov. 5th and 6th, 1834 - The introductory sermon was delivered by Elder Nathaniel Colver.

      A resolution was adopted approving of the American Home Mission Society, commending it to the liberality of the churches, and expressing the determination of the convention to make an effort to raise the sum of $500, in aid of its funds in the ensuing year.

      Another resolution was passed recommending the board of the general convention to institute a mission to China, which mission the convention would endeavor to sustain by their prayers and contributions.

      The following resolution was passed:
Resolved, That this convention regards with deep interest the operation of Bible societies, Tract societies, Temperance societies, Missionary societies, and Sunday schools, the efforts now making by the Colonisation society to colonize the free people of color from our country upon the coasts of Africa, and the measures for the promotion of education, as deserving the entire confidence and cordial support of all our churches and the community at large.

      The churches were recommended to observe the 1st Monday in January, 1835 as a day of thanksgiving to God, for the success which has attended missionary efforts, and of special prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the conversion of the world.

      From the annual report we learn that the convention has employed twelve missionaries for all, or part of the year. The number of persons baptized by them during the year was 123. The missionaries also distributed 23,000 pages of tracts. The receipts amounted to $1,819.85, the expenditures to $1,955.11, leaving a balance due the Treasurer of $126.56.

      We are truly gratified to see such an active and liberal spirit evinced by our New Jersey brethren, and we hope that they will continue to abound more and more in every good work, and be an example to their brethren in all things pertaining to the kingdom of God. From the minutes we learn there re 63 churches, 5954 members connected with our denomination in the state. R. Herald.


[From The Baptist Newspaper, January 1835, Volume I, No.1, pp. 5-6. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall - 11.2.13.]

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