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Delivered at the 2nd Baptist Church, Nashville Tennessee
By the Pastor, Rev. J. R. Graves
      "This Church was organized in the year 1843, five years ago, upon seven members. In the fall of 1845, I accepted the pastorship. Affairs with you then, were in the most deplorable and critical position. You numbered twenty members, (and only seven or eight males,) full one third of this number held only a nominal membership.

      "The year following your membership was doubled which gave you much courage, and hope increased your trust in God. Last year your number was again doubled, and during the present year, a much larger number has been added than any of the previous years. Surely, "we may exclaim with great truth, the Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad.

      "During my connection with this church as pastor, I have received into the fellowship of this Church, by letter and baptism, in three years, 123. Five only have been dismissed, five excluded, and four have died."

[From the Tennessee Baptist, February 8, 1849.]



      Brother J . R. Graves has resigned the pastorship of the Second Church in this city [Nashville], with a view of devoting himself wholly to this paper, and the interests of the Publication Society. This church is on many accounts, an important body. It occupies a most inviting field. May the Lord send them a pastor after his own heart.


[From the Tennessee Baptist, Sept 20, 1849, p. 1; CD edition. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]


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