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The Nature and Importance of Walking by Faith
2 Corinthians v. 7.
[Preached at Nottingham before the
Northamptonshire Association, June 2, 1784.]

Importance of Christian Ministers Considered as the Gift of Christ
Psalm lxviii. 18.
[Sketch of a Sermon addressed to the Church at Moulton
on the Ordination of Mr. (now Dr.) Carey, August 1, 1787.]

The Instances, the Evil Nature, and the Dangerous Tendency
of Delay in the Concerns of Religion

Haggai i. 2.
[Preached at a Ministers' Meeting,
held at Clipstone, April 27, 1791.]

The Blessedness of Those who Die in the Lord
Revelation xiv. 13
[Preached at Kettering, at the funeral of
Mr. Beeby Wallis, April, 1792.]

The Nature and Importance of an Intimate
Knowledge of Divine Truth

Hebrews v. 12-14
[Preached before the Baptist Association
at St. Albans, June 1, 1796.]

Jesus the True Messiah
Psalm xl:6-8
[Delivered in the Jews' Chapel, Church Street,
Spitalfields, Nov. 19, 1809.]

The Principles and Prospects of a Servant of Christ
Jude 20, 21
[A Sermon Delivered at the Funeral of
the Rev. John Sutcliff of Olney, June 28, 1814.]

Ordination Sermon by Mr. Fuller
I Timothy iv. 15-16.
The Baptist Magazine, 1823

The Young Minister Exhorted to Make Full Proof of his Ministry
2 Timothy iv. 5, 6.
[Sketch of a Sermon addressed to the Students
of the Stepney Academical Institution.]

Advice to the Dejected
Psalm xiii. 2.

Christian Patriotism
Jeremiah xxix. 7.

The Prayer of Faith, Exemplified in the Woman of Canaan
Matthew xv:15-28

The Nature of the Gospel, and the Manner
in Which it Ought to be Preached

Colossians iv. 3, 4.

The Great Question Answered
Acts xvi. 30-31

Ministers are Appointed to Root out Evil
and to Cultivate that which is Good

Jeremiah i. 10

Faith in the Gospel a Necessary Prerequisite to Preaching It
2 Corinthians iv. 13
[Sketch of a Sermon Addressed to the
Students of the Bristol Education Society]

The Broad and the Narrow Way
Matthew vii. 13, 14.

The Reception of Christ the Turning Point of Salvation
John i. 10-12

The Choice of Moses
Hebrews xi. 24-26

Soul Prosperity
3 John 2.

Prayer of David in the Decline of Life
Psalm lxxi. 9.

Conformity to the Death of Christ
Philippians iii. 10

Preaching Christ
2 Corinthians iv. 5.

Pastors Required to Feed the Flock of Christ
John xxi. 16

Spiritual Knowledge and Holy Love Necessary for the Ministry
John v. 35

On an Intimate and Practical Acquaintance with the Word of God
Ezra vii. 10.

The Qualifications and Encouragement of a Faithful Minister
Illustrated by the Character and Success of Barnabas

Acts xi. 24

The Obedience of Churches to their Pastors
Explained and Enforced

Hebrews xiii. 17.

The Nature and Importance of Love to God
Joshua xxiii. 11.

On the Vanity of the Human Mind
Psalm xciv. 11.

The Instances, the Evil Nature, and the Dangerous
Tendency of Delay, in the Concerns of Religion

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