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The late Rev. A. Fuller on “Simplicity of Arrangement”
The Columbian Star and Christian Index, 1829
      “I don't know, (said a gentleman to the late Rev. A. Fuller,) how it is that I can remember your sermons better than those of any other minister, but such is the fact.”

      “I cannot tell, (replied Mr. Fuller) unless it be owing to simplicity of arrangement; I pay particular attention to this part of composition, always placing things together that are related to each other, and that naturally follow in succussion. For instance, (added he,) suppose I were to say to my servant, ‘Betty, you must go and buy some butter, and starch, and cream, and soap, and tea, and blue, and sugar, and cakes.’ Betty would say, ‘La, master, I shall never be able to remember all these.’ But suppose I were to say, ‘Betty, you know your mistress is going to have some friends to tea to-morrow, and that you are going to wash the day following; and that for the tea party, you will want tea, and sugar, and cream, and cakes, and butter; and for the washing, you will want soap, and starch, and blue.’ Betty would instantly reply, ‘Yes, master, I can remember them all very well.’”

[From The Columbian Star and Christian Index, 1829, Volume I, p. 381. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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