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An Elegy on the Late Rev. Andrew Fuller
The Baptist Magazine, 1815
While clouds and darkness veil the face divine,
While seeming vengeance issues from the throne,
Let erring mortals their own wills resign.
And, in the dust, repeat, "His will be done!"

Yet, though resign'd, from sorrow's sacred spring
Within the soul, let tears unceasing flow:
Haste, and funereal cypress hither bring,
Expressive emblem of heart-rending woe!

Let sable robes proclaim how much we feel
A. FULLER'S death! - from usefulness remov'd
And public tokens of our grief reveal,
How much he was rever'd, how much belov'd?

Hence would the Muse resume the vocal string;
For this her voice in artless accents raise:
Her wishes less his eulogy to sing,
Than to proclaim, through him, his Maker's praise!

By the great Father, variously endued
With gilts of intellect, and mental might, -
In Virtue's sacred cause he nobly stood,
With skill and vigour equal to the fight.

Ye who were privileg'd to hear him, say.
What lessons of instruction ye receiv'd
Witness how truth possess'd resistless sway,
Scoffers were mute, and infidels believ'd!

With what simplicity and force combin'd,
Would he salvation's mysteries display!
Then, with address pathetic, seize the mind.
Till, oft, consentiate tears have forc'd their way!

But languid is my strain, to tell aright,
How error, vanquish'd by his prowess, lay;
While, by his pen, held forth divinely bright,
Truth shone, resplendent, in a flood of day!

Nor can the Muse attempt to show his worth;
When India's dark estate his pity mov'd.
Zeal for the Saviour call'd his ardour forth;
His all was sacred to the cause he lov'd!

Spent in the work, and mix'd with kindred clay,
A martyr's great reward awaits thee now;
And India's sons shall, at the final day,
With amaranthine wreaths adorn thy brow!

Servant of God, adieu! - In vain I gaze,
And try, by faith, to pierce thy bright abode;
Obscur'd and lost in glory's radiant blaze!
So highly rais'd - so near the throne of God!

[From The Baptist Magazine, October 1815, "Religious Intelligence," p. 440. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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