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From The Baptist newspaper, 1849

      The first edition of the complete works of Andrew Fuller, issued by the American Baptist Publication Society, in three large octavo volumes, having been sold, much care has been taken in correcting typographical errors, which had escaped detection in the preparation of the stereotype plates. As there was a surplus of the third volume of the first edition, nearly a hundred sets were completed, by printing a new edition of the first and second volumes. These soon disappeared, and the third and largest volume has just been printed, making the second edition now complete. The new edition is printed upon excellent paper, and with more expensive ink; it is also improved by printing the first volume upon thicker paper, thus rendering the three volumes uniform in appearance, though the second and third volumes contain more pages than the first. In the third volume of the first edition, there was printed under the head of "Fugitive Pieces," a short article, commencing on page 819, on the "Satisfaction of Christ," an extract from a sermon on the Atonement, by Dr. Maxcy, President of Brown University, delivered in the First Baptist Church, in Providence, R. I., Nov. 25, 1796. It is due to Mr. Fuller to state that this extract was published anonymously in 1804, in an English periodical - "The Theological and Biblical Magazine," edited by Rev. J . W. Morris. After Mr. Fuller's death, it was pointed out by Mr. Morris as one of his supposed productions, and was accordingly introduced into the second English edition of his works. Its place has been supplied in the new edition of the Society by the valuable article entitled "The Great Aim of Life," which has been inserted in the quarterly paper of the Society, the Baptist Record, for September.

      Rev. Dr. Campbell, now editor of the "British Banner," has well said, "Fuller's works might, without any very remarkable impropriety, be designated an Encyclopedia of Polemic, Doctrinal, and Practical Theology. With giant steps he traverses the whole empire of revelation, and of reason as its handmaid. It is a library in itself. - The Bible and these Works will suffice to make any man a first-rate theologian."

      It is desirable that every Baptist minister should possess a copy of "Fuller's Works." Ministers and others who are Life Members, can obtain Fuller's Works and other publications of the Society, at twenty per cent discount, by sending cash to the Philadelphia Depository. This does not apply to those who were made life members under the old plan of returning one-half in books. - M.


From The Baptist, January 24, 1849, p. 1. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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