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Dr. Richard Fuller on Infant Salvation, Baptism and Dedication
A tract published by the American Baptist Publication Society

Seven Reasons Why We, As Baptists
Oppose and Reject Infant Baptism

By David Benedict, 1848

History of Infant Baptism
Western Baptist Review, 1845
By John L. Waller

Why the Baptists Do Not Baptize Infants
W. E. Hatcher, D.D.
Richmond, Virginia, 1880

Is Infant Baptism Morally Wrong?
The Christian Repository, 1889

Infant Baptism
By W. T. Conner, 1937

The Old Testament Covenant and Infant Baptism
By Dewey H. Jones
From The Spencer Journal


Infant Baptism a Part and Pillar of Popery
By John Gill, Revised & Edited by George B. Ide, 1851.

The Scriptural and Historical Arguments for Infant Baptism Examined
J. Torrey Smith, 1850.

Why Baptism Of Believers And Not Infants
By R. P. Johnston, D.D., 1900
Pastor Third Baptist Church
St. Louis, Missouri

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