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James P. Boyce and John A. Broadus on Alien Baptism
By T. T. Eaton, 1903
      “A letter from Dr. T. T. Eaton, June 19, 1903, states the case for Drs. Boyce and Broadus: ‘Dr. Boyce was very emphatic and pronounced against receiving alien immersions. He baptized Dr. Weaver, though the latter was pastor of Chestnut Street church, because he had been received on a Methodist immersion. A man who claimed to have been converted before receiving immersion from a Disciple preacher applied to be received on that immersion into the Broadway church, in Louisville, of which Dr. J. L. Burrows was then pastor, and of which Dr. J. P. Boyce was a member. Dr. Burrows was willing to receive the man. Dr. Boyce opposed it and succeeded in defeating it. Over and over again have I heard Dr. Boyce say alien immersions ought not to be received.      

“I was the pastor of Dr. John A. Broadus from May 1, 1881, until he died, in 1895, nearly fourteen years. We were as intimate as that relationship suggests. I had not been in Louisville long until I asked him squarely whether he would favor our church receiving a case of alien immersion, and he answered squarely, No. Again and again, we talked over that and kindred subjects, and over and over again he told me that alien immersions ought not to be received.”


[From Sumpter Discussion on the Authority for the Administration of Baptism, 1903, p. 134; via the History of Alien Immersion and Valid Baptism, by J.H. Grime, 1909, chapter 11. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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