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Pennsylvania Baptists
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Pennsylvania Baptists
By William Shadrach, 1842

The Oldest Baptist Church In Pennsylvania
Pennepek / Lower Dublin
There are two Documents

The Philadelphia Baptist Association
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

The Philadelphia Baptist Confession of Faith
Published in 1742

Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1749
Essay - On Polity, Doctrine and Order in the Association

Rules of the Philadelphia Baptist Association,
Adopted 1835, and Amended 1839.

Chart of Philadelphia Baptist Association
Showing Statistics in 1762

By Morgan Edwards

Address of the Baptist Delegates
At Philadelphia
By Richard Furman

Philadelphia Baptist Association appointed a
Committee to collect its early Minutes for publication, 1851

Copy of a Letter sent to the Board of Ministers in London
by Order of the Philadelphia Baptist Association,1762

Baptist Convention at Philadelphia
From The Baptist newspaper, 1835

Brief Histories of the Early Baptist Churches
of the Philadelphia Baptist Association

By A. D. Gillette, 1851

The Early History of First Baptist Church
Chester, Pennsylvania

History of the First Baptist Church
Philadelphia, PA
There are three histories.

Baptist Churches and their Pastors
in Philadelphia in 1849

From the Tennessee Baptist, 1850

A Century Sermon, 1807
Philadelphia Baptist Association
By Rev. Samuel Jones

Queries and Answers - from the Baptist Churches
of the Philadelphia Baptist Association

From the Annual Minutes

Address of the Baptist Delegates at Philadelphia
Concerning Missions, 1814

Minutes of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1707-1807
By A. D. Gillette, editor, 1851
[In Progress]

North Ten Mile Baptist Church, [PA]
By Alfred Creigh, 1871

History of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, 2018
Association Website


Oliver Hart, 1791
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History of Roxborough Baptist Church
of Philadelphia

By Horatio G. Jones & J. W. Willmorth, 1890
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"The Philadelphia Baptist Association
and the Question of Authority"

Detroit Baptist Theological Journal, 2007
By Gerald Priest
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History of the Churches of the
Pittsburgh Baptist Association

by William Pankey, 1939
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