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North Ten Mile Baptist Church, [PA]
By Alfred Creigh, 1871

      North Ten Mile Baptist Church is situated on a ridge two miles north of Ten mile village. Its history runs back as far as the year 1772. In their first labors they were much troubled with the Indians, and were often compelled to hold their meeting in Fort McFarland. Their present church [building] is the third which has been erected on the same ground. The Rev. James Sutton was their first regular pastor; he was chosen February 4, 1774; he served for seven years. His successor was Rev. John Corbly, who remained for two years. He was followed by Rev. David Sutton. How long he preached cannot be ascertained, because the church records are lost, and our next preacher of which we have any sure knowledge was Rev. Charles Wheeler, who became the pastor in 1831 and served five years. In 1835, Rev. A. B. Bowman became the pastor and resigned in 1839, when the Rev. Levi Griffith was elected, and officiated until 1842. His successor was Rev. F. Downey, who served until 1846, then followed Rev. Wm. Whitehead for eighteen months; Rev. S. Kendall Lenning, for six and a half years; Rev. T. C. Gunford, for one year; Rev. W. Scott, for six months; Rev. B. P. Ferguson, for two and a half years; Rev. J. Boyd, for three years. In 1865, Rev. W. B. Skinner became pastor, who remained until 1867. His successor, until 1868, was Rev. S. Kendall, who was followed by the present incumbent, Rev. C. W. Tilton.

[Alfred Creigh, History of Washington County, PA: From Its First Settlement to the Present Time ..., 1871, p. 94. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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