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Rules of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, adopted 1835, and amended 1839.

      1. The Moderator shall be chosen annually, by ballot, immediately after the letters from the churches have been read; and the brother, having a plurality of votes, shall be elected.

      II. A stated Clerk shall be chosen at the pleasure of the Association, who may nominate an assistant.

      III. Business generally shall originate from the Minutes of the last year, or the letters of the present; but other matters may be introduced by a majority of the members present.

      IV. The Moderator shall preserve, and decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Association. He shall appoint all Committees, unless otherwise ordered; and, when two or more rise to speak at the same time, he shall name the one entitled to the floor. Motions, made and seconded, shall be stated by the Moderator, previous to any discussion thereof. All resolutions shall be offered in writing.

      V. When a member is about to speak, or communicate any information to the Association, he shall rise and address the Moderator, and confine his remarks to the subject under consideration.

      VI. No person shall speak more than twice on the same subject, without leave from the Association.

      VII. No member shall absent himself from the meetings of the Association, without leave from the Moderator.

      VIII. Brethren invited to seats shall have the privilege of debate, but not of voting.

      IX. When a motion is made to decide a question without debate, if twelve members rise in their places to sustain it, the motion shall be put; and a majority shall determine whether the question shall be decided without further debate or not.

      X. A motion for adjournment shall always be in order, except when the Association is voting or a member is speaking, and shall be decided without debate.

      XI. The Minutes shall be read, subject to correction, at the commencement of every morning session.

      XII. These Rules shall be read at each session, immediately after the organization.


[Minutes of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1846. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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