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A Visit to Magoffin Baptist Institute
Salyersville, KY, 1933
By Buell H. Kazee
      It was my happy privilege to preach in a meeting for Magoffin Baptist Institute, Salyersville, Ky., beginning March 27 and continuing for about ten days. A great spirit of consecration on the part of both students and teachers met my first service. It was not difficult to get an earnest hearing of the Gospel for the work of spiritual leaders goes on in that school constantly. There were fourteen in all in the school, and one at a Sunday afternoon service out at a mission point near there.

      I would like to say that Magoffin Institute will present a happy surprise to any interested visitor. Of all places I have been, here is the outstanding demonstration of the "walk by faith". It is enjoying some of its best days. It has infinitely better equipment than it had four years ago. Despite the fact that one of its dormitories burned not so long ago, it is in much better condition than it has been for some time.

      To me, this is one of the most intense spiritual works I have looked upon. The teachers are all well equipped from the standpoint of scholarship. But more than that, they are definitely surrendered to the task of charging the student with a spiritual life that will make him a power in the world. These boys and girls, from homes which, as a rule, are unable to afford their education, come to work for their education, and bring with them an abundance of latent talent. If they are not Christians it is not long until they have been led to Christ.
      Morehead, Ky.

[From the Western Recorder, May 11, 1933. Original title: "Morehead Pastor Visits Old Home In Salyersville." Document provided by Ben Stratton, Farmington, KY. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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